The side edge of the leaf – it sounds inconspicuous, but it is its shape that determines the division of the door into rebated and non-rebated ones. How do they differ and how to recognize them? And then – how to decide which ones will best suit the decor? Let’s talk about it.

Jak rozróżnić drzwi przylgowe i bezprzylgowe

Rebated doors – the classic rules

In rebated doors, the edge of the leaf has a characteristic indentation that overlaps the frame. This is especially evident when you close the door. Then the leaf covers a fragment of the frame and thus a step is created – the leaf surface is projected forward in relation to the frame surface. This also causes the rebate to cover the lock. Please note that our offer of rebated doors includes models with differently profiled edges:

Hard Edge K profile – straight bevelled edge that forms an angle of 90 degrees between the side and front surfaces of the leaf; adds a modern character to the door;

Hard Edge R profile – aesthetically rounded edge with the radius of 5 mm. This solution guarantees greater safety (e.g. for children), but also easier maintenance;

Hard Edge PF profile – rounded edge with a radius of 4mm, finished with flexible CPL laminates. Obtained thanks to the modern technology of boards refining – postforming.

W ofercie Classen dostępne są drzwi o różnych typach krawędzi skrzydła

Another element that makes it easier to identify rebated doors are visible hinges. As they are attached to the outside of the frame, we have better access to them and therefore they are easier to adjust. At the same time, the door installation technique itself is less complicated than in the case of non-rebated models.

Charakterystyka drzwi przylgowych. Na zdjęciu skrzydła Lukka (model 5) marki Classen

Rebated door leaves are an ideal proposition for interiors decorated in classic, Provencal, retro and English style. Their appearance is timeless, and the wide range of finishes and decors means that you can easily choose a matching model that will fantastically complement the interior of your flat. Be sure to check out our proposals, for example included in our Clif line.

Non-rebated doors – a popular trend

Non-rebated doors have a straight edge, there are no indentations. This design makes them a uniform surface with the door frame after installation. This, in turn, gives the impression that they are a bit hidden, more discreet compared to traditional rebated doors, although at the same time they may seem more massive than them. In addition, in their case, the hinges remain hidden, which also helps to obtain a minimalist effect. When installing this type of door, you need to show great care and professionalism to do it correctly. We should remember that the fact that the hinges are hidden makes their adjustment more complicated.

Charakterystyka drzwi bezprzylgowych. Na zdjęciu skrzydło Linea (model 1.1) marki Classen

Non-rebated doors are perfect for interiors decorated in minimal, modern and industrial style. They visually expand the space, so think about their use in rooms with a small area, e.g. in a dressing room or a narrow corridor. If you are looking for models that perfectly match the latest trends, check out our Linea Premium Loft (matt black) and Brenta (with decorative milling on the surface of the leaves) collections.