Shiny surfaces bring aura of order to the apartment, while at the same time adding a touch of elegance to the interior. The shiny finishing is very popular in the case of furniture, but more and more often it also appears in the doors design. We would like to point out the attributes of the lacquered door leaves and present new features in the offer.

Finishing with UV-cured ecological lacquer creates an effect of perfectly smooth surface. The door leaves subtly reflect the light, owing to which they visually brighten up the space. Aesthetics goes hand in hand with usability. The door is easy to clean. Removal of e.g. fingerprints is almost effortless. Moreover, it is distinguished by high durability, which makes their color and decorative milling remain intact for a long time.

Three collections of doors finished with lacquer, namely UV Pure – Tetris, Linea Premium Line and Grafen have been added to our offer. In the basic version, they all appear in timeless white. Thanks to this universal color they will perfectly match any arrangement. They will be a good choice for bright, spacious interiors – they will emphasize their advantages even to a bigger extent. On the other hand, in smaller, slightly darker interiors, they will become a cheerful, brightening accent.

On the customer’s request (for additional payment), it is possible to execute the doors in RAL colors. They include the shades of fuchsia, burgundy, green, yellow, orange, turquoise and many others. Choosing door leaves in such colors will certainly not let anyone pass them by indifferently.

Doors from TetrisLinea Premium Line and Grafen lines are available in many variants. One can choose from single-leaf and double-leaf models of different widths. They are also available in sliding version. In a rebated variant, all have a solid peripheral frame made of softwood and a stabilizing honeycomb type insert. In non-rebated version, Classen Hard structure is used.

In addition to its shiny surface, the door is distinguished by its original design, reflecting current trends and modern design solutions. The Tetris collection, inspired by the iconic game of the same name, includes six models with unique geometric designs. Each of them resembles a board, on which the blocks of different sizes and shapes have been arranged and matched. In the Grafen line we find an aesthetic reference to the system of carbon atoms. On the surface of the door leaves, hexagons in different configurations have been placed. On the other hand, the doors from the Linea Premium Line collection are enriched with simple, tasteful lines that form nine stylish combinations.

In addition to the doors finished with UV Pure lacquer, door leaves covered with white PU lacquer have been added to Classen’s offer. Six models from the  Diamond line are decorated with rectangular applications made of painted, chamfered glass – black or gray. They are available in rebated and non-rebated versions. They will look great in a modern living room, not only as a functional, but also a decorative element.

The latest collections of lacquered doors is a proposal for people who value modern elegance. They will do the job not only in minimalist arrangements, but also in an interior design referring to glamour style. Universal white will blend well with other colors – both live and the more subdued ones. Interesting aesthetics combined with high durability will ensure the satisfaction of the users.