Meet us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of internal doors in Poland. We offer a wide range of products. We will customize each door to meet your needs so that it will serve you for years. We invest in the latest technologies and solutions, because we want our products to always be the best.
  • More than 500 people employed in the plant in Zwonowice, covering an area of 28 ha.
  • Our products are available in 36 countries.
  • Self-sufficiency with regard to heat due to processing our own waste.

CLASSEN was established in 1962 in Kaisersesch, Germany, where one of the Classen’s factories, as well as the head office of the company are located. A second German factory is located in Baruth. In Poland, on an area of 28 ha, a factory was established in Zwonowice (Silesia Province), where we produce doors and door frames.

For years, we have been dynamically developing and supplying woodwork to customers in Poland and Europe. Our products are available in such countries as: Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, France, Georgia, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Israel, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, Macedonia, Mongolia, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia.

Since 2005, the company has had its own production facility in Zwonowice near Rybnik (Silesia Province). It houses production lines, storage space and offices.

In the facility we manufacture:

  • – panel door leaves,
  • – upgraded door leaves,
  • – framed door leaves,
  • – lacquered door leaves,
  • – technical doors,
  • – fixed door frames,
  • – adjustable door frames,
  • – raw and lacquered openwork doors.

Classen in Poland

  • Classen-Pol S.A

    Classen-Pol S.A

    Manufacturer of door leaves, door frames and furniture fronts.

  • Classen Floor Systems Sp. z o.o.

    Classen Floor Systems Sp. z o.o.

    Distributor of Classen floor panels and accessories.

History of Classen-Pol S.A.

  • 2023

    Purchase of an automated technological line for the production of adjustable door frames.
  • 2021

    Expansion and automation of technical doors production.
  • 2021

    Expansion of infrastructure – construction of a new hall – increase of production area by 2000 sq. meters.
  • 2021

    Modernization of waste processing technology – purchase of a waste incineration plant.
  • 2020

    Obtaining subsidies for "Innovative Technology for the Production of Adjustable Door Frames" - expansion of the Adjustable door frames area.
  • 2018

    Expansion of the machinery park - a new line for door frames production.
  • 2014

    Purchase of a lacquering line and beginning of lacquered doors production.
  • 2013

    Beginning of framed doors production.
  • 2010

    Construction of another production hall for adjustable door frames manufacturing.
  • 2005

    Construction of a new door manufacturing facility in Zwonowice, beginning of doors and door frames production.
  • 2000

    Construction of the new headquarters in Zwonowice.
  • 1990

    Beginning of business activity – production of wooden skirtings and furniture fronts.

Our strengths

Our role is not just to design and manufacture doors. We are aware that the success of the company is also influenced by other values. What sets us apart from the competition?

Customer – an offer tailored individually to the needs of our Customers.

Reach – Classen’s products are available in more than 36 countries.

Independence – our own, efficient and constantly upgraded production lines.

Recognition – brand built over the years based on quality and experience.

Design – functionality and original design of our products.

Human – stability and development as well as creation of new jobs.

Ecology – efficient resources management and environmental protection.

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