Innovative production solutions, electronic gadgets, advanced communication systems – their common denominator is the technology development. Dynamic changes are also taking place in the field of home furnishing. Looking for interesting patents, in response to the expectations of demanding users, we present the NEO 2.0 collection – we introduce the new generation of flooring to the market.

– We live in a world of changes that no one can stop. Their source is, among others, the rapid development of new technologies. Just as the X, Y and Z generations come one after another, the products that enter the market are also evolving. Sometimes one can even speak about the revolution. When designing our floors, we are looking for innovative solutions that will meet the growing expectations of our customers. This is how the NEO 2.0 series was created, where we focus on the waterproofness – a feature extremely rare among the panels. When creating this innovative collection, we have not forgotten about the natural environment and have chosen the materials that are ecofriendly – says Michał Białas, head of Advertising Department.

The feature that distinguishes NEO 2.0 series is first of all waterproofness. The panels can be used successfully in the bathroom, kitchen or corridor, i.e. in areas that are more prone to flooding than, for instance, a living room. Returns from rainy walks or the effects of children’s play in the bathtub do not pose any threat or challenge for them. However, these floors should not be used directly under the shower without a shower base. It is important to remember that the planks must be properly and precisely mounted so that water cannot penetrate into any gap. The correct installation guarantees a satisfactory use for a long time.

In NEO 2.0 flooring, CERAMIN®, innovative material made from mineral raw materials has been used. It gives the panels unique properties, ensuring their robustness and durability. Owing to it, the planks gain ecological character, as they do not contain PVC or any other harmful substances (e.g. chlorine, plasticizers). They are environmentally friendly and 100 percent recyclable – they can be recycled and reused.

Panels from NEO 2.0 collection have Sealtec multi-layered surface, easy to clean and UV-resistant, which definitely limits the risk of the decor fading. Despite its small thickness – 4.5 mm – the planks are very durable. This is an important feature in the case of underfloor heating. Usage class 32 means that the floors will be a good choice not only for all residential areas, but also for public spaces with medium traffic (e.g. in small offices or boutiques).


There are two types of panels available in this collection, which differ in their format and decorative patterns:

– NEO 2.0 Wood – perfectly resemble the appearance of real wood. The uneven surface is decorated with a clear pattern of cracks, knot holes and woodgrains, which gives it a natural character. A unique range of 13 decors includes light and dark shades of brown, caramel, beige and white. This is a proposal that will be perfect in classic, rustic or Provencal interiors;

– NEO 2.0 Stone – resemble stone tiles. They reflect their structure and appearance, and at the same time they impress with the pleasantly warm surface, characteristic of the panels.  It is possible to choose from five decors in the colors of dark slate or granite, light sandstone and clear screed. They will give an interesting arrangement effect in the interior, letting the users enjoy the functionality.


In NEO 2.0 flooring, along with innovative materials, we have also applied some proven solutions that have so far been used in other collections. One of them is Megaloc system, which allows quick and easy assembly of the panels, without the necessity to hire a specialist.


GOOD TO KNOW:  Classen’s NEO 2.0 floor panels are manufactured exclusively in Germany. The guarantee period is 15 years.