A mezzanine is an extremely interesting element of the interior, which arouses admiration among many people. Do you dream about it too, but you don’t know if your flat is suitable for it? Or maybe you are the lucky owner of this structure, but you have no idea how to develop it? You’ve come to the right place – we will dispel your doubts and advise you on the best solutions.

Montaż antresoli sprawi, że wnętrze zyska na atrakacyjności

A mezzanine is a kind of landing that has been separated from a single-space room. It is located directly above it but has a smaller area than it. From the interior’s side, it is not separated by walls, thanks to which it creates an open space with it. In terms of architecture, it is an intriguing solution which on the one hand increases the arrangement possibilities of a flat, and on the other, gives it an original look.

Where can a mezzanine be built?

A mezzanine is typically connected with tall flats, which are most often found in tenement houses. That is why this element of construction is usually associated with lofts, where it fits perfectly into their industrial character. It is also used in modern house building – some developers, on selected (usually the highest) floors of new buildings, offer higher-than-standard flats, which opens up the possibility for buyers to implement such an arrangement solution.

Does this mean that it is not possible to build a mezzanine in other types of flats? Not necessarily. It is true that it will work best in interiors with a minimum height of 4.3 meters – then each of the separated spaces is about 2 meters (after subtracting the thickness of the structure), which allows them to be used comfortably. However, a mezzanine can also be installed in interiors that are not that tall. We will have less flexibility when arranging it, but it is still additional space. It is assumed that its height should be at least 1.2 meters. So if your flat is at least 3.4 meters high, the space under the mezzanine will still be functional. Otherwise, you can install, for example, a custom-made wardrobe under the mezzanine.

Zarówno na przestronnej, jak i niewielkiej antresoli można stworzyć ciekawą aranżację

What to build a mezzanine from?

A mezzanine should be made of a durable material, such as wood, steel or metal – the choice is best based on the style of the interior. We must remember that the structure must rest against load-bearing walls, as the partition walls might not be able to withstand such a load. We should also think about the way of entering the mezzanine. In the case of spacious interiors, these can be standard single-flight stairs, but for smaller rooms it is worth choosing a spiral staircase or a ladder, which take up much less space. Do not forget about the balustrade, which will increase the safety of the household members.

How to arrange a mezzanine?

Antresolę można zaaranżować na różne sposoby

Of course, the higher the interior, the bigger the possibilities. On the mezzanine you can create:

If you already have your dream mezzanine, the most enjoyable part awaits you: arranging it. What can be created there? For example, a bedroom. This is a very popular solution that works well even for low interiors. In order to save space as much as possible and increase the comfort of use, use a low bed frame (it is a good idea to make it from wooden pallets).

reading room (place bookcases by the walls, and in the middle of the floor – a small table, a standing lamp and a comfortable armchair),
playroom for children (children love to climb, so it will be a nice treat for them. It is worth installing a solid net along the entire height of the mezzanine to prevent possible falling out),
living room (if a sofa does not fit, put a low table and cushions, and it will be a nice oasis to relax in Japanese style),
• work area (just put there a desk, lamp and accessories necessary for work).

Antresola to świetny sposób na wykorzystanie wolnej przestrzeni

As you can see, there are many possibilities, and each of them has the potential to become the main attraction of the flat. Choose the best option for your needs and get to work! 😉