Hinges are an integral part of the door leaf. Their installation allows it to be fixed and hung on the door frame, making it possible to open and close the door. Proper adjustment allows them to move freely without unnecessary friction or resistance. How to install, adjust and what to lubricate hinges with? In our article, we answer the most frequently asked questions about this door element.

How to instal door hinges?

The installation of door hinges, just like any other task, starts with a proper preparation of the workplace, tools and all the necessary elements. A screwdriver and a spirit level will come in handy. We must remember to hang the door leaf on the already installed door frame, which has been firmly set in the door opening. It is crucial to properly match the hinges to the type of door and its weight. We will choose one type of hinges for lightweight interior doors, and other for glass, metal or PVC doors. We should also pay attention to the direction of opening, as the side we will screw the hinges on depends on whether we have chosen the right-handed or left-handed door. In most cases, the hinges are already fitted at the factory, which makes the entire installation process very easy. Manufacturers provide detailed step-by-step instructions on how to instal the hinges depending on the type of hinge and the type of door we have chosen. In case of any questions, it is worth contacting the manufacturer and asking the specialists, who will be happy to dispel any doubts.

How to adjust door hinges?

The periodic adjustment of the hinges in a door leaf is a necessary activity to ensure that our doors retain their practical properties for a long time. In addition, we will extend the period of their trouble-free operation. Sometimes, under the influence of many factors, doors can begin to sag and, as a result, rub against the floor during opening or closing. Few people know that a door leaf sagging is caused by the fact that it is open most of the time. In such case, it is necessary to adjust the hinges. Adjustment is possible in three planes, so we can change the height of the door leaf (vertical), the lateral position (horizontal) and also the adhesion of the door to the door frame. In order to find out what caused the door to creak or rub against the floor, we must use a spirit level that will help us to check the correctness of the horizontal and vertical alignment. We need to place the tool against the upper edge or side edge of the door. If the spirit level confirms the correct setting, then the problem is caused by a poorly fitted door frame. Adjusting the hinges involves taking the door off the door frame and properly unscrewing or screwing in the hinge in both places – the door and the door frame. In the case of modern hinges with an adjustment screw, the task is considerably easier – we simply need to tighten the adjustment screws with an Allen key.

Maintenance of door hinges – what to lubricate them with?

There are quite a few products available on the market for lubricating door hinges. The most popular lubricants include technical petroleum jelly and silicone oil, available in small, easy-to-apply packages. We can also reach for an aerosol – WD-40 or Inhibol, which penetrate into all crevices much better and additionally remove moisture. We should make sure that the amount of the agent used is not too large, and any excess should be wiped off immediately with a cloth prepared beforehand.

Works related to the maintenance of interior and exterior doors are not complicated, thus it is worth performing them regularly, without waiting for problems such as creaking, untightness or sagging of the door leaf and rubbing against the floor appear.