This is one of the most popular door leaf models. It is often chosen for the living room, bedroom or kitchen. We can easily make the necessary measurements ourselves to prepare the opening for the installation of the door leaf. A properly measured wall will allow us to install it quickly by ourselves without any problems. What should the opening be for 90-cm-wide door leaf? Read our article and find out more!

An opening for 90-cm-wide door leaf – find out the necessary details

We can easily measure the wall for the installation of a door ourselves, thus saving time and money that otherwise would need to be paid to a specialist. What can be done to avoid problematic mistakes? Below we have prepared a step-by-step guide that will take you through the entire process.

Installing a door with a door frame requires measuring three parameters: the width and the height of the opening as well as the thickness of the wall. The first parameter should be checked at six points by taking the measurement from wall to wall; the height – at least at three points from the lintel to the floor. The more measurements, the better. The thickness of the wall is needed in order to choose the right door frame. If we choose the version of the door leaf with a fixed door frame, the height of the door opening should be 207.5 cm and the width – 101 cm. In the case of an adjustable door frame, the dimensions of the opening will be quite different. The following values are assumed: the height – 206 cm and the width – 98 cm.

Another extremely important issue is the type of a door frame – fixed or adjustable. The size of the opening strictly depends on it. In the case of a fixed frame, the dimensions remain the same. Adjustable door frame is useful wherever we have to deal with non-standard wall thickness. If case of any doubt, it is worth consulting a specialist.

Exterior 90-cm-wide door – size of the opening in the wall

The situation is slightly different in the case of exterior doors. Here, we are strictly bound by the provisions of the construction law, which specify the dimensions of entrance doors in houses and flats. According to these rules, the minimum width of the door leaf is 90 cm and the height – 200 cm. In the case of a single leaf 90-cm-wide doors, the width of the opening in the wall is 103 cm and the height – 213 cm.

Measuring door openings – what mistakes to avoid?

Theory is one thing, practice is quite another. If we make a mistake when measuring, the door may rub against the floor or, on the contrary, it will not fit in the opening or will be too big. What can be done to avoid this type of situation?

If the opening in the wall is too large, we can easily reduce its size so that we can fit the door we have purchased without any problems. The situation becomes much more serious when the door opening turns out to be too narrow or too small. If we don’t manage to replace the door with a smaller one, we’ll have to make the opening wider and this task is quite labour-intensive. Provided that we have chosen a classic and universal model, in its original packaging, there is a good chance of a replacement.

When measuring the door opening, the most common mistake will be a poorly taken measurement, which is why it is so important to measure height and width in several places. The more accurate the measurement, the greater the guarantee of success. We should try to avoid the situation where it is necessary to perform the steps described above. Widening the door opening may not be possible if the door is installed in a load-bearing wall and replacing the door leaf will not be an option. The specialists recommend that all doubts be consulted with a competent person so that unpleasant mistakes can be avoided.