Several factors contribute to a successful and harmonious interior design. In addition to a well-chosen style, colours on the walls and floor, it is crucial to choose a door that smoothly matches the floor. What should be taken into account when choosing interior doors? How to choose a right door for a wooden floor? Be inspired by our ideas and create a unique and timeless interior, where the stylish base will play the first fiddle, delighting guests right from the threshold.

How to choose a door for a floor?

When creating the interior design base in the form of a door and floor, we can go for extravagant, contrasting combinations or, on the contrary, rely on safe and proven ideas, which can withstand the passing fashions and are a versatile and well-tried choice for many years. A wide choice of floors and doors will allow us to make an easy decision regarding the colour, pattern and material they were made of. The most popular option remains the same – choosing a door in a colour similar to that of the floor, i.e., following the “light to light, dark to dark” principle. This rule of thumb will work anytime and anywhere, no matter what interior style we decide on. In the case of a light colour of the floor, door leaves in the same shade or a tone lighter or darker will be just perfect. A white, universal door will be an equally good combination. Fans of bold and modern solutions will like contrasting combinations, where the individual base elements radically differ in colour or pattern. This creates a striking focal point against the rest of the interior.

Which door colour for oak flooring? – an overview of the best solutions

Floors and doors in shades of oak have many faces, from light bleached, through grey to dark burnt one. Depending on the style of the interior, the size of the room and our individual preferences, we can go for one of several possible solutions. As mentioned, we can follow the principle of harmonious similarity or the principle of contrast. A door in a light oak colour in the shades of Marone, Riviera, Oiled Oak or Grey will go well with floors in a similar shade. Such combination will additionally help to brighten up a small space. We should remember to keep the decor pattern on the door and the floor as similar as possible. A light wooden floor will also create a remarkably successful combination with a white door in all interior design styles: Scandinavian, minimalist, modern, as well as the traditional one.

If we decide on a modern combination of dark colours, it is worth going for doors in the shades of Burnt Oak, Catania or Anthracite. This solution will suit innovative and avant-garde interiors. In the case of shades falling into grey, door leaves in white or other neutral oscillating in light ranges will work best.

When choosing a door model for a wooden floor, we should take into account not only the effect we want to achieve in the interior. The selection of individual design elements is important for the final, coherent effect, so we should also think about the colour of the walls, the window frames, the space we have, as well as functionality. It is good to think about our choices in terms of practicality. Not every colour of doors and flooring is suitable for flats where small children live or where there are pets that shed hair. Visible traces of greasy and dirty hands or hair can be discouraging and force us to clean every day.