Sonoma Oak is a unique shade resembling light oak wood. Since it took Polish interiors by storm several years ago, it has enjoyed unwavering popularity. How to combine this timeless and universal decor with the rest of the interior design? In our article, we will give you some hints on what goes well with it and how to combine individual elements in an interior to bring out the best from your design. Here’s a handful of inspirations!

What floor to choose for Sonoma Oak doors?

The aforementioned Sonoma Oak pattern is characterised by its clear, natural grain and cool beige shade. There are also products in light browns available on the market. Its huge popularity has caused that not only doors and floors in this shade are produced, but furniture and kitchen worktops as well. When choosing doors in this decor, it is worth considering the choice of proper flooring. Interior designers emphasise the importance of choosing flooring with the same wood pattern in a colour that is a tone lighter or a tone darker. Doors and flooring in the same colour are not the best choice in this case. The best option is flooring that faithfully resembles wood. We should choose shades in cool tones that will perfectly harmonize with Sonoma Oak. At the same time, we should avoid those dyed orange or red.

What colours should be used with Sonoma Oak?

Interiors with elements in the shade of Sonoma Oak used as a basis should be matched with slightly bolder colours. Thanks to its neutral and soft character, it can be successfully combined with patterned wallpapers. If we want to use light colours, we can paint the walls white, grey or pastel; mint, sage or sea green shades will also look exceptional. We should avoid beige, which will blend into an indistinguishable whole. It is worth going for a strong accent colour in the form of a sofa and armchairs, as well as one wall in a bold colour such as bottle green, orange or the season’s most fashionable colour, Viva Magenta.

If we are not convinced by strong colours of the walls or furniture, it is worth breaking up the subdued decor with accessories, such as black frames on the walls, fancy lamps and vases. The neutrality of Sonoma Oak allows us to go really wild with decorations. Unusually textured cushions, exotic carpets, as well as glass and metal in every form will do the job.

What to combine Sonoma Oak with?

Furniture, flooring and doors in this colour are the ideal starting point for creating many stunning stylizations. The neutral, light colouring means that if skilfully applied in an interior, it will last for many years and resist periodic, passing fashions. Regardless of whether we decide on Scandinavian, japandi, minimalist, loft or modern style, elements with Sonoma Oak decor will be a great choice. It can easily be combined with subdued or, on the contrary, extravagant elements.

Sonoma Oak also goes well with woods of a different colour, such as mahogany, cherry, alder or beech. It works well as an addition to parquet or stone kitchen worktops. It is worth using in small as well as much larger rooms. In the case of small spaces, it will help to brighten up the interior and make it feel light.

Sonoma Oak is a solution recommended for every interior, from kitchen to living room, study and bedroom. By selecting the right colours and skilfully juxtaposing them, we will bring out the best from the interior design, giving it a unique character.