Each of us will probably at least once lose the keys to the flat or be in a situation when the lock simply jams, making it difficult for us to get inside. In such moments, it is worth knowing what to do so that we don’t have to wait for hours for a professional to arrive. How to replace a door lock cylinder by ourselves? Our expert has prepared a short guide on how to replace a door lock cylinder step by step!

How to replace a door lock cylinder? – a guide in the event of a jammed lock

Replacing a door lock cylinder is not the easiest task, but with well-prepared instructions we can carry out the entire operation by ourselves. The key to success is to meticulously perform each of the individual actions. The first step is to replace the lock cylinder, which is located inside. In order to do this, we need to unscrew the screws that are visible on the outside of the entire mechanism, as well as the screw that fixes the entire cylinder. The next task will be to insert the key into the lock and turn it first clockwise and then anti-clockwise at a 45-degree angle. This will allow us to easily remove the lock from the door and replace the old cylinder with a new one. To make sure that we have the right mechanism, it is worth taking it with us and choosing exactly the same one in the shop.

The first step is to replace the lock cylinder. Installing it is just as quick and easy as removing it. We need to insert the key and turn it 45 degrees clockwise to insert the lock cylinder into the lock. If we are sure that it is in place, we perform the same actions as when removing the lock cylinder, but in a reverse order. The last task will be to tighten all the screws and check how the whole mechanism works. We should insert the key and turn it, both from the inside and the outside. If everything works smoothly, we can consider the job done.

We should pay attention to the size and type of the cylinder we want to replace with the new one. It should be exactly the same. If we buy a model that is too short, it will be impossible to insert the key into the lock. If it’s too long, we won’t be able to install the escutcheons. In order not to make a mistake and choose the perfect model, it is worth comparing the old lock cylinder with the new one already in the shop. We can also measure the lock cylinder ourselves, which we write more about in our other guide.

Lost key – how to replace a door lock cylinder without it?

A lost key can really make our life miserable. Is it possible to replace a door lock cylinder without it? This is a real challenge, for which we will need more sophisticated equipment, such as a drill and a metal drill bit to ream the part that needs replacing. In the case of security doors, this may not be possible due to the security features that prevent the reaming of lock components. In the majority of security doors, the cylinder is a component that cannot be replaced. Door cylinders with C security class are the only exception. The better and more complex the protection, the more difficult it is to dismantle it ourselves, so it is worth entrusting this task to specialists. Incorrectly performed disassembly can result in damage to the mechanism and, in the worst-case scenario, damage to the entire door and the need to replace it with a new one.

Replacing a door lock cylinder is not a difficult task, and if we follow the advice of specialists, we can easily do everything by ourselves. It is worth remembering that in case of any doubts, it is always a good idea to consult professionals.