The year of 2023 that has only just begun will belong to Viva Magenta, chosen by the Pantone Color Institute. It’s high time to make friends with this unusual shade of red and think about what arrangements it will suit. If you dream of an interior with the colour of the year and you are looking for inspiration with the most fashionable colour of the season, be sure to read our guide, in which we suggest ideas for using it in your four walls.

Viva Magenta – Colour of the Year 2023!

For many in the design world, the beginning of the year means waiting for the Pantone Color Institute to announce its Colour of the Year. This institution, operating since the beginning of 2000, follows trends and directions in interior design, fashion, as well as social changes and spreading ideas. Thanks to in-depth analyses of colour specialists, it sets the colour trends for the coming seasons. Annually presented Colour of the Year is awaited with great impatience so that it can penetrate the world of interiors and fashion.

This year’s winner is Viva Magenta, a shade of deep and intense red leaning towards pink, tending towards burgundy and combining warm and cool shades. The inspiration came from the natural dye, called cochineal. Why such a choice? The Pantone Color Institute described its decision as “an unconventional shade for an unconventional time”, emphasising the importance of being optimistic about the future and taking a bold look at what lies ahead. Viva Magenta is an exceptional colour that is a unique combination of warmth and subtlety with a bold and vibrant flair, as well as a symbol of the connection between the past and the future.

Viva Magenta! But what goes with it?

Once we know the most fashionable colour of the coming year, we can easily introduce it into our interior. However, it is worth knowing what it will go with and what to combine it with. Below you will find some useful tips for creating a unique and fashionable arrangement.

In addition to the colour of the year, Pantone presents a whole range of colours that will be in fashion in the near future and will create a perfect match with the selected winner. Other colours that have made the podium include natural, slightly whitewashed, soft shades such as whites, beiges, pigeon blue, pastel violet, as well as khaki.

Viva Magenta is a unique colour, which is perfect as a wall colour. Using it, we can create a deep, vibrant and atmospheric room that will energise us with its saturated shade. However, in order not to overwhelm the interior, especially a small one, it is good to paint only one selected wall. The rest of the room should be painted using one of the colours that complement the Pantone colour palette. This will help to avoid the effect of being overwhelmed by too many colours as well as making the space look smaller. A good idea is to hang patterned wallpaper in Viva Magenta.

Colour of the year for sceptics

If you dream of the colour of the year in your interior, but are not convinced about repainting your walls, you can decide on choosing a sofa, armchair as well as accessories in this colour. Upholstered furniture in Viva Magenta will catch the eye right from the entrance, creating a unique and stylish arrangement in a modern, retro or eclectic style. However, it will surely work well in classic arrangements as well. Sideboards, glass-cases or chairs in this spectacular colour will also be a great idea. And for all those who only symbolically want to mark its presence in the interior, can reach for accessories such as vases, flowerpots, curtains, as well as cushions, blankets and carpets. It doesn’t take much to create a trendy interior with Viva Magenta that you really want to be in!