Trends and fashions in interior design know no boundaries. They are boldly crossing lands and oceans, making their way into our homes. As a result, we can create a delightful and timeless New York style interior in our own four corners. With its understated elegance and many facets, it has gained a multitude of loyal fans. If you dream of interiors in this style and you are wondering which doors to choose, the following complete guide we prepared is just for you. We hope you enjoy the read!

New York style – a delightful classic with many facets

Elegant, sophisticated and delicate – these words can be used to describe New York style interiors. You can easily create a unique space in your own four corners thanks to the universal colour base, natural materials and design. The style of a New York flat can have many faces, such as a classic one, which draws on the best traditions of the Old Continent, a much bolder, modern and eclectic one in a loft version or the one clearly inspired by the Art Déco style.

So how to create an interior in line with the described aesthetics? First of all, space. New York style loves large spaces, allowing to catch your breath while enjoying a bit of luxury. A large kitchen open to the living room, combined with the dining room is probably the most common view. And all this in a light colour palette, dominated by whites and beiges, which are the base colours. In addition, various shades of grey that perfectly fit into this trend. It is also worth reaching for whitened yellows and powder pink, which goes great with greys. The whole thing will be complemented by browns in their entire palette, thanks to which we will warm up the arrangement. When choosing colours, it is worth remembering the 70/30 rule, in which a light colour base makes up the majority, while additional colours such as navy blue, bottle green, deep violet and ruby complete the look.

New York style is also about natural materials such as wood. Solid, heavy furniture and door joinery perfectly harmonize with the concept of this style. The impression of softness and subtlety is enhanced by fabrics such as velvet and velour, which are used to cover sofas, armchairs and poufs. A geometric pattern Moroccan rug or a wallpaper with a floral motif will complete the decor.

New York style interior – which doors to choose?

In New York style, doors constitute a perfect background for a distinctive and chic arrangement. It is worth ensuring that they match harmoniously the rest of the composition, complementing it with their understated elegance. We should reach for solid, functional door leaves, whose form and colour match the interior. The most popular option is the classic, white door, which in combination with a slightly more expressive colour of the walls and floor will play a significant role. Here, a white door with a perfectly matched door frame and skirting boards in the same shade of white turns out to be an excellent choice. A door covered with white laminate is a bold step, combining classic with modernity.

If we dream of an exclusive interior in every aspect, it is worth reaching for doors with a sophisticated design, decorated with stylish accessories such as marquetry, glazing and frames. Even a small detail on the door surface adds a sense of luxury and refinement of the arrangement in every way.

A sophisticated arrangement can also be created with a door of classic design in a dark burnt oak colour with satin glazing in a solid or slightly more subtle version. In bold interiors, inspired by the industrial style, black doors with glazing or matt grey door leaves with horizontal panels will surely to be a good choice.

However, New York style is not only about black, white and grey. References to the natural world are just as evident and they can be implemented in the form of light oak doors. Door leaves covered with veneer in a natural shade will allow us to maintain the New York atmosphere.

When choosing doors, we should pay attention to several key aspects. Firstly, their colour, which should harmonise with the colour of the walls and floors. Secondly, the design of the door leaf. We can choose doors with a natural decor or those covered with a uniform colour veneer. We should also consider reaching for glazing and frames, which will additionally brighten up the interior by letting a little light in and add elegance to it.