Current interior design trends bring us a lot of aesthetic and functional delights. Influenced by the current situation in the world, they take into account our needs and concerns. When designing a fashionable bedroom, which is an extremely intimate place, it is worth taking into consideration into everything that brings us solace, reduces our stress and is in line with our taste. Check out what the coming 2023 will bring us and decorate a stylish bedroom in line with current trends.

A trendy bedroom in the colours of nature

Like every year, the Pantone Color Institute has selected its favourites, using which we will create a trendy and unique bedroom. In 2023, interiors will be dominated by a neutral colour base, where warm, soft pink, as well as light sand yellow, violet grey, khaki, cool beige and pigeon blue will play the main role. Using them, we will create the perfect basis for slightly bolder design solutions. We may reach for strong, intense accents in the form accessories in the colour of the year – Viva Magenta as well as other colours, such as intense yellow, warm chocolate, ink blue or coral. It’s worth choosing one contrasting element that will bring vitality and juiciness into our bedroom. An upholstered armchair or a small sofa, one of the walls in a saturated colour, or perhaps simple accessories such as vases, curtains or cushions and bedspreads.

A modern, multifunctional bedroom

The year 2023 is firmly rooted in trends from a few years ago. The pandemic has strongly verified our needs in terms of space arrangement. As a result, for several seasons now, we have been going for practical, multifunctional rooms in which we can easily function around the clock, switching between family and office life. Taking into account the small size of contemporary houses and flats, modern bedroom will perfectly fulfil the function of a home office. Elegant, ergonomic, comfortable and following the latest trends – this is what a bedroom should be like in 2023. A small work area in the bedroom is a perfect solution. It will provide us with the comfort of work and the desired silence. Manufacturers are rising to the challenge by offering us unique furniture, desks and chairs with a well-thought-out design and small dimensions. Small partition walls in the form of a modern bookcase or a transparent glass pane with industrial muntins are becoming increasingly trendy. Sliding doors, allowing us to have a bit of privacy at any time is also a good solution.

A trendy bedroom in the spirit of ecology

The nature-inspired interior design trend has settled in our interiors for good and will stay with us also in 2023. Eco-friendly solutions, natural materials and anything that can be obtained from secondary sources to minimise our carbon footprint. Plants are another element that should appear in a trendy bedroom. Creating an urban jungle at home is still an extremely popular option. A bedroom full of plants it is the best place to rest and regenerate after an exhausting day.

When choosing natural materials for our bedroom, we should reach for wooden elements, as well as those made of rattan, bamboo, linen, seagrass and wicker. Such accessories will just hit the bullseye.

The fascination with the natural world can also be seen in the form of rounded shapes, which are taking the interior design world by storm. Using them will help you to create a cosy, comfortable and soothing place to rest. Rounded headboard, cushions in a shape of a cylinder or a drop of water. Oval or puddle-shaped mirrors with soft, rounded lines, as well as fluffy rugs without edges. There are really a plenty of options and it is worth experimenting to see what will be best for us in our bedroom.