The beginning of the year is the ideal time to check the latest design trends that will rule in interiors. Among the changing styles, we can distinguish several trends that have enjoyed unwavering popularity for several seasons. Minimalism, a turn to what is natural, as well as modern ideas with a pinch of the avant-garde. Below we have prepared a short guide to help you answer the question of what interior doors will be fashionable in 2023. We hope you enjoy the read!

In harmony with nature!

If you are wondering what interior doors will be the most fashionable in the coming time, the answer is obvious – in natural colours! A turn to the eco trend can be seen in the inspirations of top interior designers. Doors covered with veneer perfectly imitating natural grain will ideally fit in with design involving colours belonging to the earth tone palette. Beiges, light greys or browns, which are the basis of Japanese, boho or Scandinavian interior design, will create a great composition with universal, simple doors without glazing and ornaments. Such a choice is a guarantee of a delightful interior, which will please our eyes for many years.

Doors in the service of colour

Those who prefer slightly more daring and avant-garde solutions wonder what colour of doors to choose for their dream interior. In the coming seasons, it is worth reaching for colours. Door leaves in vivid colours will become the perfect decoration for Art Déco and eclectic style interiors. It is worth choosing strong but subdued colours, such as navy blue, grey, dark green or maroon. When combined with upholstered furniture and carpets, it will create a great composition. The overall look will be toned down with neutral colours, such as off-white. Coloured doors are also a good option for less daring interiors with an industrial, modern or modernist feel.

Fashionable door leaves in the shade of timeless white

Every season’s most fashionable proposals should include some universal solutions. Interior doors in white are the answer for all those who wonder how to choose interior doors for classic, elegant and small interiors. Models covered with white veneer also fit into minimalist and Scandinavian interiors. We can choose from a variety of options ranging from simple models with no decorations to models with glazing, delicate decorations and milling. White doors with geometric milling are gaining in popularity as a perfect base for modern styling. Doors with glazing are ideal for small flats that lack natural light.

Stylish doors in dark colours

Bold combinations in the form of a dark base are gaining in popularity. Doors, floors and windows in the same colour of acacia, walnut or catania oak are suitable for industrial, modern and loft interiors. Thanks to them, large, bright spaces will gain in cosiness. In combination with red brick on the walls, prominent ceiling beams and extremely fashionable accessories in the form of structural concrete, a phenomenal space will be created.

When looking for interior design inspiration, the key question is how to choose interior doors and how to choose their colour to match the rest of the room. It’s worth following the trends without forgetting what we really like, especially that most of us, when refreshing or renovating the interior, create a base that will serve us for several years.