Claw marks on the door surface left by our dog or cat can effectively ruin even the best mood. If, in your absence, your pet scratches everything around causing damage, it is worth taking care to protect the door leaf. How to protect the door from dogs and cats? What are the most effective ways? Let us give you some hints!

How to protect the door from dogs and cats?

Getting your dog’s or cat’s annoying scratching under control can be an extremely difficult and frustrating task, the results of which often take some time. It is a good idea to protect the surface of the door leaf as soon as you observe the undesirable behaviour. In this way, we will avoid serious damage, which may ultimately end up with replacing the door with a new one. There are several extremely effective and relatively inexpensive solutions available. What to protect the door from dogs and cats with?

Protective film and mat – a cheap and effective way to protect your door

Buying a protective film for the door is by far the cheapest and extremely effective way to protect the surface of the door from unsightly claw marks. Perfectly adhering to the surface of the door leaf, the film remains invisible and therefore does not affect the aesthetics of the interior. Before attaching it, it is worth sticking a small section of it in an inconspicuous place and checking whether the veneer will not be torn off the door when peeling off the film. However, the protective film has one major drawback – it is relatively weak and easily torn. In this case, it is worthwhile to reach for a much stronger product – a protective mat. It is possible to buy a mat cut to a specific size, which makes the whole process of installation trivially easy. Simply stick it in the desired location and enjoy its durability. It is worth noting whether the mat or film you choose can be installed on the front door.

How to protect the door from dog scratching?

Occasionally, none of the above solutions will work for our pet. In such cases, it is worth reaching for a higher calibre of protection, such as guard rails and steel protective panels. A guard rail is a good way to avoid interfering with the surface of the door and access to other parts of the flat. If the layout of the house allows us to install it, it is worth considering buying one. Depending on our needs, we can close it or open it. Most often the dog will scratch at the door only when we are away, so we can leave the gate open when everyone else is home.

Another extremely durable and effective way to protect the door are steel panels, which can serve as our last resort. The stainless steel panels are installed at the bottom of the door on either side of the door leaf. It is also possible to install the panel vertically in the handle strip. Elements made of ground stainless steel are the most durable and at the same time the most expensive way to protect a door from animals. They can be installed on both interior and exterior doors. Manufacturers offer to create a door stop in a specific size and shape.

If you are just in the process of building a house or finishing a flat, it is worth considering buying a door made of CPL veneer. The door leaf is covered with an extremely durable laminate, which is also highly resistant to abrasion, temperature and harmful UV radiation. The smooth surface of this type of door makes dog’s and cat’s claws slide on its surface, making it practically impossible to scratch it.

Contrary to what one might think, there are quite a few options for protecting doors from our four-legged friends. It is worth considering appropriate protection at the stage of deciding to buy a dog or cat. This will help to avoid unsightly scratches before they occur.