Properly measured door opening is essential for the trouble-free and effective installation of a door leaf. In the following article, we will give you some hints on how to easily measure the door opening for 70 cm wide internal door.

Size of the door opening and the door frame.

Doors that are 70 cm wide are most common in the so-called old buildings and new, small apartments, where every centimeter is important and installation of a narrow door saves a bit of free space. Depending on the size of the door opening, you need to choose frames with appropriate dimensions. These will be different for an adjustable door frame and different for a fixed model.

For a fixed door frame, the opening for 70 cm wide door should be 81 cm wide and 208 cm high. For an adjustable door frame, the values will be 78 cm (width) and 208 cm (hight).

How to measure a door opening for 70 cm wide door?

Proper measurement of the opening in which the door leaf will be mounted is essential for a trouble-free installation. Haste and inaccuracy bring the risk of complications that will be difficult to remove. Start the work by measuring the height of the door opening. To do this, measure the distance from the finished floor to the lintel. We take the measurement in two places, distant from each other by about 45 cm. The width of the opening is measured from wall to wall and, as before, we take the measurement in a few (3-4) places. Another important issue in the case of adjustable door frames is to measure the thickness of the wall, in 3 to 4 places, on both sides. The measurement of the wall thickness should also be done in the finished state, i.e. plaster, tiles or other coverings are finished. The range of a door frame adjustment should be selected so that all measurements are within the given range.

The most common mistakes in measuring the door opening

What if we have measured the opening for internal doors incorrectly? Usually, it is connected with bigger or smaller problems. So what can we expect when we have made a mistake? Incorrectly made measurement will cause that the door frame will not fit into the opening. In the case when the opening is too big, the matter is a little less complicated. It is enough to make the opening smaller by using suitably resistant mortar and then finish the whole thing aesthetically. The situation gets worse, when the opening is too small. If it is too narrow or too low, it will have to be enlarged, which involves a lot of work. Such widening of the door opening is possible only when the wall structure is not affected. In the case of load bearing walls, it will be necessary to consult an architect or building administrator. In the case of partition walls, the matter is much easier. Here, changing the dimensions of the opening is not associated with any formalities.

It is worth mentioning that in the case of too small door opening, when we do not have the opportunity to enlarge it, there is a chance to replace the door with a smaller one – this applies only to goods from store stocks. The faster we return the door leaf, intact and with the packaging preserved, the greater the likelihood of a successful return. It’s worth consulting all your doubts with professionals on an ongoing basis. It’s best to eliminate mistakes already at measuring stage and save yourself unnecessary stress.

Incorrectly measured opening will make it very difficult or even impossible to install the door frame. Even if you manage to “squeeze” the frame, there is a high probability that the door will not close properly, and using it will be impossible, or even dangerous. Using a poorly fitted door leaf can lead to serious damage. If the adjustment range of the door frame is too small – up to 2 cm, you can buy a band with a longer tongue to increase the adjustment range.