Choosing white doors is undoubtedly a great decision. Thanks to them you can create a timeless and universal interior, in any possible style. However, their final appearance is determined by a perfectly chosen handle. As they say, the devil is in the detail, that is why it is so important that it is an element, which will not only emphasize the uniqueness of the door, but will also become a decoration and ornament of the interior. If you are looking for a handle for white interior doors, you should definitely check our inspirations.

How to choose the right handle for white doors?

When choosing a door handle, it is worth being guided by several determinants, which will allow us to select the one perfectly harmonized with the style and design of the leaf. It is the handle that gives the door the final character, which affects the perception of the whole. First of all, it is worth paying attention to the weight of the door, as it is extremely important to maintain appropriate proportions between the massiveness of the leaf and the cut of the handle. This also directly affects the ease of opening and closing. An equally important issue is choosing a model that will correspond with the rest of the arrangement. It is good if the colour or material which the handle is made of matches other elements of the interior such as: handles in the furniture or fixtures in the kitchen or bathroom.

White on white – a perfect duo

A very popular choice, although not necessarily obvious, are white handles mounted to white doors. This monochromatic combination will ideally suit Scandinavian, minimalist interiors, as well as very modern, ascetic interiors. Solid door with a light handle will be perfect for small interiors. This combination will optically enlarge the space and will introduce a sense of order and tidiness. White handles are also a perfect choice for interiors, where light colours reign. They do not stand out, which creates a sense of complement and harmony.

Contrasting handles

Handles in a contrasting colour are probably one of the most popular choices. White is the perfect base for all experiments with bold colour in the main role. Impressive black hardware will be perfect for modern, minimalist, industrial and loft style interiors. Expressive accessories such as handles, legs, lampshades and door handles, well visible against a white background, will give the room a unique character. In austere, economical interiors, black geometric handles will become a unique decoration.

Golden handles – timeless elegance

Golden handles will look great with white interior door. This combination will be perfect not only for interiors in glamour style, but also as a less obvious addition to the interiors in eclectic, industrial or even classical style. It is important that the whole composition was consistent with the characteristics of each style of arrangement. Golden handles will suit the rooms decorated in classical, Scandinavian, retro or eclectic style. Aged, golden handles with fancy shapes will be a perfect complement to vintage and already mentioned retro interiors. Deciding on handles in this colour we can be sure, that the door will look elegant and tasteful.

Chrome handles – a neutral choice for any interior

Chrome handles are by far the most common and neutral choice. The number of available variants makes them perfectly compatible with any type of white doors. Chrome models are available in a glossy and matt finish. Handles with satin Inox finish will be a perfect complement to the interior in any style. From classic, minimalist, glamour, to industrial one. Chrome handles are available in variants with a subtle, delicate line as well as the definitely heavier, geometrical ones.

The choice of the right handle model is of great importance in the perception of the whole arrangement. An unsuccessful combination will spoil even the best effect, therefore, according to the proverb “the devil is in the details”, it is worth thinking carefully about the purchase of this inconspicuous detail.