When preparing to a major renovation or construction of our own house, we have to make many decisions that will result in a comfortable, safe and beautiful home. During planning the purchase of key materials, such as doors and windows, we often treat the issue of choosing the right door frame superficially. However, we should not – in this article we explain what a door frame is and how important it is for the final visual effect of the interior.

Door frame – a quick guide

At the beginning it is worth answering the question: what is a door frame? It’s a key element without which the installation of doors and windows is impossible. This structural component, which looks like a frame, is usually made of plastic, wood or metal. Placed in the window or door opening, it makes the installation of the window or door leaf efficient and effective. It is the door frame that determines the functionality of the structure, as well as the visual effect, so it is worth considering the selection of an appropriate model to serve us for many years.

The door frame can be adjusted to the dimensions of the door opening, to the wall and to the chosen door model. Its installation is basically done at the very end of the renovation/construction, after we have painted the walls, put the wallpaper or tiles, and lay the floors. Its installation is not a difficult task, but requires a bit of experience and practice. In case of doubts, it is worth asking a professional for help, because properly installed door frame gives us a guarantee of trouble-free operation of the door leaf and affects the durability of its structure.

When deciding on a particular model of a door frame, you need to answer some basic questions. Firstly, what material it is to be made of. It strictly depends on whether the door is to be mounted inside or outside the building.

Whether we want soundproof doors, or this parameter is not necessary. It is also crucial that the material which the door frame is made of matches the window frames, as well as the interior decor. We can choose between a door frame made of wood, of wood-based material, steel, aluminum or PVC. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to buy the door frame and door separately. That is why it is so important to make very meticulous measurements.

We can also choose between a fixed and an adjustable door frame. The first one is characterized by a fixed width, and in case of the adjustable one, it is possible to adjust the width to the specific dimension of the wall, and precisely to its thickness. In the case of the fixed model, installation will require not only standard tools, but also masking elements or decorative strips. The discrepancy is also visible in the price. Adjustable models are more expensive, but their installation is much easier. In the case of adjustable models, you can often notice the division into rebated and non-rebated door frames. This division relates directly to the type of door we have chosen, and more specifically to the fact whether we have decided on a rebated or non-rebated door leaf.