Are the most popular solutions always the best? Not necessarily. This is confirmed by the example of sliding doors, which appear in interiors much less frequently than classic door leaves. And yet they allow you to save space, are comfortable to use and they look interesting. Why is it still worth considering their choice when arranging a flat?

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What rooms are sliding doors a perfect fit for?

Sliding door leaf is an ergonomic solution. It allows you to make better use of the available space, which is why it is perfect for small rooms, where there are quite a lot of other elements of equipment. Good examples include a dressing room, pantry, or storage space for things like a vacuum cleaner, mop or ironing board. In all these cases, the use of sliding systems allows you to forget about problems with opening the door. Even if there is another person inside, and the pulled out drawers and the tilted fronts of the cabinets make the space even tighter than usual.

he same applies in a situation when there is a narrow corridor in the flat and there are doors to other rooms leading from it. Classic doors with outward-opening leaves can make it difficult to move around, and what is worst – cause unpleasant collisions if someone unexpectedly passes on the other side. In such circumstances, sliding doors are simply a must have. It is worth considering choosing them also for the child’s room, which we want to have instant access to.

Types of sliding doors

We can choose from two basic types of sliding systems:

  • on-wall doors – as the name suggests, they are mounted on the wall. They move on rails, parallel to the wall surface. They are still visible when opened. The running mechanisms used in them are in the form of flat aluminium rails or railings (e.g. in the Design system). They can be exposed or covered with a masking element. In some solutions, (e.g. Diva), the rail is partially covered by the door leaf thanks to a slot on its inner side. On-wall sliding systems are available in single- and double-leaf version. The latter opens synchronously, i.e. when one door leaf is moved, both leaves automatically open at the same time.
  • In-wall doors (hidden in the wall) – their installation should be planned already at the stage of erecting partition walls. The thickness of the walls must allow for a metal pocket inside, which the leaf will be inserted into when the door is opened. The pocket can be single or double. The choice depends on the width of the door opening and the width of the walls on both sides. In a double-leaf system, both leaves must be of the same width.
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On-wall doors as interior decoration      

The choice of sliding doors is most often made based on their functionality. They are a screen that allows us to quickly and easily separate two rooms or separate two zones within one interior. However, let’s not forget about their decorative role. Placed on a representative wall in the living room, they will be eye-catching. Models with a metal railing will be perfect for modern and industrial interiors. Classic door leaves with large glazing mounted on an elegant rail will beautifully match the English style.

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There are many possibilities. The most important thing is to think carefully about your choice, analyse all the advantages and disadvantages, to be sure later that the decision made was the right one.