When choosing a door to a flat, we are most often guided by their technical parameters and aesthetic considerations. When it comes to the latter, it is worth remembering about matching the door leaves to the style of the interior. As a result, they will form a harmonious combination with other elements and emphasize the character of the interior. How to find the perfect match?

Each style of arrangement has certain characteristic features. For example: the classic style eagerly reaches for natural materials, subdued colours, soft lines and traditional forms. Glamour loves gloss, bold colours and ornamental decorations. Art deco combines a passion for antiques with a perfect finish. These properties can be found in the door leaves, it is enough to take a close look at them.

Doors for classic interiors

If you dream of a classic arrangement, just dot the i’s in it by choosing framed doors (e.g. from the Tosca collection) in wooden decors. It is a timeless solution that does not succumb to temporary fashions and the household members will certainly not get bored with it quickly. The structure of the door leaves creates a beautiful frame that can be filled with e.g. coffers, panels or glazing. Decors with a wood structure look natural and create a cosy, warm atmosphere.

Doors with muntins (e.g. from the Classic line) will also be perfect for classic interiors. This characteristic decoration – once very popular in Polish homes, now a little less – still has an irresistible charm and reflects the traditional spirit.

Crowning the English style

The perfect choice for English-style interiors are doors with a crown. In the photo – Morano doors from the Classen offer

English style is associated with refinement, elegance and sophisticated decorations. Which door will best emphasize these features? Firstly, we suggest door leaves with convex coffers (e.g. from the Ancona line). Thanks to them, the entire structure takes on interesting shapes. You can choose from many different variants of coffers, so everyone will find a model that perfectly fits their flat. Secondly, it is worth choosing door leaves in timeless white. They fit well with the delicate, subdued colour palette of the other elements of the decor. Thirdly, we encourage you to supplement the door leaves with a crown. This beautiful detail will add elegance and sophistication to them.

Full door leaves for industrial and modern interiors

In the loft style, doors with minimalist decorations will be perfect. In the photo – Milan wings from the Classen offer.

Today, many people arrange their interiors in a modern style. Various door models work well here, but the popularity award goes to white solid doors finished with varnish (e.g. from the Saga line). It is a very universal option, which is a balanced combination of elegance and minimalism. There are subtle decorative accents on the surface of the door leaves, such as milling, aluminium profiles and glazing. The latter is often made of opaque satin glass. Decorations can also take the form of painted glass, e.g. in black (Diamond collection). The latter models are especially recommended for glamour-style rooms.

And what about industrial and loft-style interiors? We also suggest full doors here. However, instead of the standard, hinged doors, you can install sliding doors (e.g. from the Design system). They look very modern and opening and closing them is a pure pleasure.

Door leaves for Provencal and Scandinavian interiors

The Provencal style is well emphasized by the classic white door. In the photo – Venis wings from the Classen offer

The thing that connects the Scandinavian and Provencal style is the subtlety of forms and colours, as well as a love of nature. Doors with a light structure and bright decors will be just perfect for such interiors. It is best to choose those whose surface is decorated with grain patterns, which makes them look very natural. These can be models in the colours of whitened beige and off-white (e.g. from the Venis collection). A similar design will be great for a romantic style as well. Here, it is definitely worth choosing large glazing, made of satin or milk glass. They will brighten up the interior in an amazing way.

How about you? What door leaves will you choose for your home?