When choosing a door to a flat, we most often follow aesthetics, but it is also worth paying attention to other elements. One of the most important is the door leaves construction. If you do not know how to recognize it, we will give you some hints what the difference between panel and framed doors is.

Framed construction

Tosca doors from Classen have a frame structure. Glazing and HDF panels are used as decorations.

Framed door leaves – as the name suggests – have a construction that creates a clear frame. It consists of two horizontal and two vertical pieces, visible to the naked eye. Such frame is most often made of MDF board or solid or glued laminated wood. Various types of fillings are placed inside the entire construction. These can be, for example, coffers, glazing and HDF panels. Manufacturers also use less standard solutions, e.g. mirrors (example: Ferro doors by Classen, model 3).

Framed doors can be found in most Polish houses and flats. Their construction is stable and durable, and the classic look allows them to be easily adapted to various arrangements.

Panel construction

The doors from the Discovery collection by Classen have a panel contruction and are made of MDF reinforced with plywood.

Panel doors can be of two types:

  1. made of a single, smooth board made of wood-based materials,
  2. consisting of a peripheral frame (made of softwood or MDF) and a filling (e.g. honeycomb or perforated chipboard type), which are covered on both sides with MDF or HDF boards.

The latter solution is more popular. A peripheral frame remains invisible to the user, and the door leaf creates a homogeneous whole. And this is what distinguishes panel doors from framed ones.

The filling used inside the panel construction plays a stiffening and sound-absorbing role. The outer panels are finished with foil, veneer or varnished. Their surface can be completely smooth or decorated with embossing. The following are used as decorative elements: glazing (e.g. Tetyda doors, models 1-4) and aluminium applications (e.g. Discovery doors).

Which door to choose?

Framed doors are often chosen due to their durability and timeless design. Thanks to a wide range of decorative elements and finishes used in these door leaves, customers can easily find models that suit their taste and needs. On the other hand, panel doors look very modern. Supporters of minimalism will surely like them. It is impossible to unequivocally say which of them are better, because it all depends on individual preferences. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the various models offered by Classen: https://classen.pl/en/door/categories/doors – you will surely find something just right for your flat.