Waterproof floors, ecological materials, XXL laminated panels, new packaging methods – these are some of our solutions presented  during DOMOTEX trade fair in January. Moreover, NOOX skirting boards system was launched in Hanover. We have highlighted high-standard products, designed for demanding customers. 


The international flooring industry fair, organized every year in Germany, is a great opportunity to check out the latest trends and innovations on the market. During this year’s event at the Classen stand, the visitors could see, among others, SONO and NEO 2.0 laminated panels collections, characterized by Ceramin® support layer. It is an ecological material. It does not contain PVC and other harmful substances, it is environmentally friendly and 100% it is recyclable. Panels from both series are also distinguished by a non-standard thickness – 4.5 mm. Warm to touch surface is covered with Sealtec protective layer, which is durable and resistant to UV radiation. The floors are equipped with Megaloc system, which enables efficient self-assembly by the customers.


The manufacturer has also presented the Vario line, which is also based on the Ceramin® material, created on the basis of research carried out by Classen’s experts. The original composite tiles are waterproof and extremely durable, which is confirmed by the high abrasiveness class. They are also distinguished by lightness, which definitely facilitates transport and assembly. The attention is primarily drawn to their design, because they resemble traditional ceramic or stone tiles. Due to their unique properties, they can successfully replace them. They are perfect to be installed on the wall and floor, as well as on other surfaces, such as bathtub enclosure. The tiles come in various formats and decors.


The visitors were particularly attracted by the XXL flooring – almost twice as long as the standard ones. Large-format planks are dedicated to spacious rooms and our customers are more and more willing to choose them for their apartments. Such panels beautifully expose open spaces and add to them a touch of elegance.

During DOMOTEX 2018 trade fair, NOOX skirting boards system was launched. This solution, unprecedented on the market, sets the users’ comfort as a priority. Symmetrical skirting boards, cut at an angle of 45 degrees, will fit into every corner. It is enough to turn them properly, adjust and connect them without the need to use corners and connectors. Their assembly does not require the use of professional tools (such as angular saw); only glue or dowels are needed. An important asset is a wide range of digitally printed decors, adapted to Classen’s panels, including non-standard designs (bees, flowers, etc.). At the fair, the NOOX skirting boards turned out to be a hit, gaining interest of retail chains representatives from Europe, USA and Canada. The visitors of the Classen’s stand were also positive about the way they were packed into semi-open cartons.


– We are very positive about this year’s DOMOTEX trade fair in Hannover. We are glad that it was possible to present the innovations and new products of the Classen brand to an international group of guests. Meetings with the representatives of European and American retail chains were satisfying and many of the presented solutions gained recognition. For us, as a manufacturer, it is a clear signal that the products we create, both in terms of design as well as material quality, precision of workmanship and functionality, are a good answer to what customers are looking for – summarizes Michał Białas, head of advertising, Classen.


DOMOTEX 2017 trade fair took place in Hanover from 12 to 15 January. At that time, the capital of Lower Saxony became the most important place for the representatives of the flooring global industry.