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Compact - about

The Compact system consists of interior door leaf, venereed or for self-finishing and an aluminum door frame. After installation, the entire system forms a uniform surface with the wall.

Door specification:

  • panel door leaf, solid, thickness: 40 mm
  • external door leaf – non-rebated, opening outwards (height 2022 mm)
  • internal door leaf – rebated, opening inwards (height 2032 mm)
  • surface finishing: primer (surface prepared for self-finishing – painting), 3D Look and Iridium veneers, CPL and HPL laminates
  • two openings for hidden hinges, adjustable (3 hinges for the width of 100’ and height from 2222 to 2332 mm)
  • magnetic lock: mortice key lock / bathroom lock / cylinder lock / passage lock

Aluminium door frame:

  • The frame is available in an external and internal version, raw, with the possibility of self-painting after impregnation.
  • The package includes: 2 or 3 hinges, gaskets, impregnating agent, installation instruction and accessories needed for its installation.
  • Installation of the frame on a raw wall requires application of plaster or drywall.

Tests of surface prepared for self-finishing conducted using original wall paints available on the market.

Technical parameters


  • Single leaf

Additional options


  • Ventilation undercut
  • Ventilation undercut 15 mm (recuperation)


  • Perforated chipboard
  • Anti-burglary bolt
  • Height 2132, 2122 mm: +30%
    Additional payment concerns both: door and door frame..
  • Height 2232, 2222 mm: +35%
    Additional payment for width and height for both: a door leaf and frame
  • Height 2332, 2322 mm: +40%
    Additional payment for width and height for both: a door leaf and frame


  • Falling threshold

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