The beginning of the year is the ideal time to check the design trends for the coming year, which will bring plenty of designer and stunning proposals for every bathroom. This season, interior designers and manufacturers are opting for many proven solutions, but they will also delight us with many interesting ideas. If you are planning to design your bathroom and are looking for inspiration in line with the latest trends, then our guide is just for you.

A phenomenal bathroom in fashionable colours

2023 will be all about natural colours. However, the earth colour palette has been slightly modified, as new shades, such as warm browns, muted ochre and sandy beige have been added. Combinations of colours that are opposite to each other on the colour wheel will be in fashion, so don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool shades.

Fans of bold, dark colours will also find something for themselves. Anthracite will become the king of bathrooms; it will help us to create a perfect, modern and elegant space. Anthracite wall tiles will make a perfect match with doors coated with a warm, wood-like veneer.

Every season, shades of green have their fifteen minutes of fame. It will be no different this time. With a tear in the eye, we say goodbye to sage, lime, as well as undergrowth and bottle green. This year, we will arrange bathroom interiors using olive and sea green colours.

The peach-coloured bathroom will be the undisputed queen. This is a perfect solution for those who, for fear of falling into kitsch and banality, are not convinced when it comes to pink. Peach-coloured walls will be a perfect counterpoint to ceramics in a sea green shade. This contrasting combination may turn out to be a hit in modern bathroom arrangements.

This season’s most fashionable bathroom ceramics

This new year will also bring many new products when it comes to bathroom ceramics. For a couple of years now, free-standing bathtubs have been very popular, especially among designers. This trend will continue in the new year, giving free-standing bathtubs the status of small works of art. Bathtubs with unusual shapes and forms will become real adornments of bathrooms aspiring to become bath rooms and home spas. No one will be surprised by gold-coloured ceramics or bathtubs made of transparent materials. Bathtubs on carved pedestals or feet are an ideal solution for those seeking extravagance and luxury in the bathroom interior. For fans of unconventional form and design, bathtubs with extremely sophisticated, subtle curves, which are deceptively reminiscent of tea pots, will be just perfect. Interior designers are taking their vision even a step further, offering free-standing washbasins. This is an extremely interesting alternative to countertop ceramics, which for years has been dividing people into its fans and staunch opponents. A washbasin in the shape of an amphora, obelisk or vertical pedestal looks really impressive and you really should consider buying it if you are dreaming of a catalogue-like bathroom.

Minimalist accessories as a basis for modern arrangement

This year, there is a clear shift towards minimalism on the arrangement horizon. Modesty, simplicity and austerity in design. Accessories are to be simple, skilfully incorporated into the bathroom space. Mirrors in organic, asymmetrical shapes, as well as the circular and semi-circular ones – they will set the new trend. A mirror illuminated from below will optically enlarge even a small space, providing brightness as well as intriguing depth and expression. Ornate, heavy frames are becoming a thing of the past. The focus is on versatility. When it comes to lighting, it is worth mentioning sconces, extremely modest in form, captivating us with their simplicity, which take the shape of a lipstick, baton or a make-up brush.

A fashionable bathroom will be dominated by champagne gold as well as classic matt black fixtures. Copper and gold fixtures will, quite rightly, maintain their position. It will also be fashionable to combine accessories with radically different metallic finishes.