Arranging a functional and aesthetically pleasing hall is quite a design challenge. It is often small, narrow, incommodious and devoid of natural light. What is more, the hall is often the first room you enter when you walk through the door, thus unintentionally becoming the showpiece of our home. Thanks to our tips, you will find out how to arrange a hall in a practical way so that it can accommodate all the necessary things, while maintaining its unique character.

A small hall – a big challenge.

Even a small hall must perform its practical function. Thoughtful selection of individual elements, such as wall and floor colours, smart clothing storage systems and appropriate lighting are crucial. However, it is also important to be able to move around freely and to have an aesthetically pleasing appearance that is consistent with the rest of the interior.

In modern buildings, a hall is most often open to other rooms, so it is worth ensuring harmony and coherence by selecting matching elements.

Functionality first!

When arranging the hall, let’s make sure that the circulation routes between the rooms are uncluttered. There is nothing worse than an undersized wardrobe blocking the passage, as well as a lack of storage space for shoes and clothes. Inadequately arranged space creates an unsightly image of a cluttered hall. Properly planned storage space is essential. Wardrobes and closets available on the market perfectly fulfil their function thanks to practical systems. Moreover, it is worth making a decision concerning certain necessary elements, such as a place for wet clothes, shoes and umbrellas, as well as a cabinet for small items that should be close at hand already at the design stage.

Doors and flooring for the hall

When deciding on a floor for the hall, we should choose porcelain stoneware tiles. They are extremely strong and resistant to damage, as well as easy to clean. Anti-slip models with a high abrasion resistance class will be the best choice. It is also worth considering the purchase of good quality water resistant vinyl flooring, ideal for such a demanding room as a hall. For a small hall, we should choose light-coloured flooring, which will additionally brighten and enlarge a small space.

When it comes to doors, manufacturers offer us a multitude of interesting, aesthetically pleasing and practical solutions. Sliding doors mounted on special rails or in a pocket hidden inside the wall is an extremely popular choice. This solution will be especially appreciated by owners of a small flats. This type of doors will become a decorative ornament of a wardrobe or will separate the hall from other rooms. There is a wide range of colours and forms available, thanks to which it is easy to choose a door matching the other elements of the arrangement.

A door with a mirror perfectly flush with the surface of the door leaf is an extremely interesting option. It is a perfect solution for small and dark halls. It will allow to save space on the wall and, what is more, it will also optically enlarge the interior, adding depth to it.

Lighting a hall

The hall is often devoid of natural light. If we are bothered by the lack of window and installing a glazed entrance door is not possible, adequate lighting is essential. LED backlights along the floor or classic ceiling lighting will perform their function perfectly. Let’s opt for varied and minimalist solutions. Therefore, we should avoid ornate, heavy chandeliers, which will additionally overwhelm a small hall.