The nature of many modern professions allows you to work from almost every corner of the world – all you need is a computer and the Internet access. However, we feel safest and most comfortable in our own four corners and it is here that we most often create our private office. How to arrange it to make remote work as pleasant and effective as possible? Check out our suggestions.

A pleasant home office

Freedom and time savings are some of the biggest advantages of remote working. You don’t have to follow the company’s dress code and waste your time on cumbersome commuting; moreover, the space you work in is arranged according to your own vision. However, in the case of office arrangement, there are some elements that do not depend on your preferences and should distinguish every workplace. What are they? 

Where to set up a home command centre?

A spacious and sunny interior is the best location for a home office. If there are other people in the house while you’re working, it’s best if the office is somewhere away from the kitchen and children’s room, where some distracting noise can come from. 

The size of your home is small and you can’t afford to arrange an extra room? Don’t worry, you can successfully organize a small working area in the living room or bedroom.  Just remember to put your desk by the window – natural light is essential. If you need to separate the space, use a special screen or high bookcase.

Colours that will spur you into action

The home office must take into account the character and the personality, but also fit into the design concept of the entire flat. The choice of colours plays a key role. Subdued colours will not disturb your thoughts, and accessories in saturated shades will add clarity to the space. In line with the practice of feng shui, fire element colours support the pursuit of professional success. According to this principle, we recommend using e.g. red, purple, orange or yellow – necessarily in details, because they can become overwhelming on large surfaces.

Choosing appropriate furniture and equipment is the halfway to success

Invest in a functional desk and chair – after all, these two elements have the greatest impact on work ergonomics. The desk should have a wide tabletop and a stable base, and the chair – a swivel design with comfortable armrests and a movable headrest. On the desk, place a lamp with a white light bulb, which will not cause your eyes getting tired quickly while working.

Moreover, pay special attention to the finishing of the floor – if you choose low quality panels, they will be easily damaged and you will have to carry out a renovation in no time. Therefore, choose the floor with high abrasion class – AC5 (e.g. from Expert 4V collection), which you won’t scratch when moving furniture or a chair. 

And which door should you choose? We recommend a door leaf without glazing, which will eliminate the noise coming from the rest of the house as much as possible, separating professional and private space (e.g. from the Larix collection).

Good organisation and comfortable working conditions                         

You need to be organized in your office kingdom – use a variety of boxes, bookmarks, organizers, binders and folders to help you keep the place in order.  Always have a pen and notebook close at hand, so that you can write down important information quickly if necessary.

What is more, take care of the unique aura of your interior. This task can be performed perfectly by… cats. Did you know that they are natural air ionizers? So if you own a cat, use your short break from work to play with your pet – it will make you feel better. You don’t own a furry friend?  Reach for plants that will not only decorate the room, but thanks to their properties will also have a positive effect on the air quality. Ferns, ivies, figs or peace lilies will be perfect for this job.