A vast majority of currently available flats for sale or rent consists of at least one small room, which can be turned into a bedroom, a children’s room or a living room. A small space is always a tough nut to crack. Luckily, when following a few universal rules, we can decorate it functionally and aesthetically with attention to every detail. How to decorate a small room in a block of flats? Let us give you some hints!

How to decorate a small room? Choose practicality

Small rooms require the creation of a coherent and well-thought-out plan that will allow us to make the most of the available space. When decorating a room, we should take into account the location of the window and the direction of the door opening. We should make sure that the furniture does not block circulation routes and it is easy to move around in the room. Whether we are furnishing a small living room, parents’ bedroom or a child’s room, it is important to choose the right furniture. We should limit the amount to the pieces that are really necessary. It’s best to choose multifunctional models with a simple yet robust design, subtle in form and at the same time functional. A bed with pull-out drawers for storing bedding, a small folding desk, hanging shelves, a capacious wardrobe reaching all the way to the ceiling, or perhaps a pull-down bed, hidden with the use of a clever mechanism, which at the same time serves as a wall unit. The number of available solutions that will help us create a practical space is really large and we can easily find those tailored to our needs.

How to decorate a small room in a block of flats? – wisely and with a sense of taste

A small space requires the use of several design tricks, which will make the interior not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. We should choose designs based on minimalist solutions. It is a good idea to use light, natural materials, which will help us to create a universal and timeless decor. Furniture with fronts that reflect light, white or wood-like doors and floors. Decide what the focal point of the design will be and organize the decor around it. We can choose virtually any element – a wall covered with patterned wallpaper, a sofa, a bed or even a coffee table with an unusual shape. The chosen spot can be a distinctive counterpoint to the subdued rest. This will certainly help us to achieve a unique interior with character. Choose the right lighting to create a cosy atmosphere. In addition to the lamp in the central point, use appropriate side lighting or place LED strips in the skirting boards or ceiling mouldings. This will make a small room feel more spacious and light.

How to visually enlarge a room? – a few proven tricks

In a small room, a properly selected colour palette is essential. As far as this issue is concerned, there will be no surprises. Light colours help to visually enlarge the space by brightening it and making it appear neat and harmonious. We can choose white in all shades, but beige, ecru, light greys and browns or delightful pastels will be equally good. One wall painted bright yellow, peach, powder pink or light blue will prove to be the perfect starting point for creating the rest of the decor. When it is combined with a light floor, even a really small and dark room will gain aesthetically pleasing appearance. If we are afraid of colour boredom, we can cover one of the walls with a patterned wallpaper – we should remember, however, to stick to bright colour scheme. If you dream of juicy colours, choose accessories in such hues. Bedding, curtains or cushions will enliven even the most subdued interior. Finish off the decor with a mirror placed, if possible, opposite the entrance – this will add even more depth to the room. In the case of an interior with a very small window, do not use heavy curtains or drapes. Instead, choose night & day blinds, which can be rolled up at any time, thus providing plenty of daylight.

By creating a good lay-out plan, taking into account the practical arrangement of all the elements in the room, we will easily create a spacious, comfy and aesthetically pleasing interior, in which we will feel really comfortable, and a small space will not be a problem.