A small flat does not have to mean a cramped, stuffy and depressing interior. Contrary to appearances, it only takes a few proven methods, which, by influencing our perception, will make the interior seem much larger than it really is. If you are wondering how to visually enlarge the space in your flat in order to feel comfortable and at ease, this article is for you!

How to visually enlarge a room with colours? – a helpful illusion

Optical trickery being the basis of illusion will help us to visually enlarge a small flat. As we all know, light colours are invaluable in creating the impression of spaciousness. Classic white, as well as beige, light grey, ecru and pastel tones will come in handy here. It is worth thinking thoroughly about the colour of the walls, as they will be the background for the entire decor. In the case of small rooms, paint the ceiling white, as this will additionally make the room look taller. It is also a good idea to leave a few-centimetre-wide white strip at the top of the wall, which we want to paint using a colour of our choice. In the case of interiors where we want to have dado on the wall, it is a good idea to make it in the form of vertical stripes, as this will also positively influence the perception of a small space. When choosing colours for our interior design, we should keep moderation in mind. Too many colours will overwhelm the room. We should limit our choice to a maximum of two or three shades.

How to visually enlarge a narrow room? – keep the proportions

Properly selected colours can brighten up and visually enlarge the space in a flat. But they are also helpful in changing the proportions in an extremely narrow room. All light colours used to paint the walls alter the perspective, making the walls recede. With dark colours, it works the other way around – we get the impression that the walls are closer. In a narrow room, paint the outermost wall using a darker shade and leave the side ones white. The same applies to stripes painted on the walls. Vertical ones will help us to make the room seem taller. It is also a good idea to paint horizontal stripes on the short wall and use a light colour on the remaining ones. This will help to change the proportions and make the room appear larger. Another interesting and effective idea will be to paint the longer walls using cool colours, which will add depth to the interior.

How to visually enlarge a bathroom? – small interior, big challenge

Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult to visually enlarge a small bathroom. A wide variety of wall and floor tiles definitely makes this task easier. When decorating a small bathroom, properly matched colours can also be helpful. White interiors, where monochrome, plain tiles are combined with glaze having a distinctive organic texture, will look simply phenomenal. Subtle decorations in the form of small, shiny tiles will additionally diffuse the light, creating a delightful interior. Simple structured tiles also prove to be helpful in enlarging the interior – when combined with warm and light colours, they will give the bathroom a spacious feel. Fans of strong colours should not worry, as there are also other ways to visually enlarge a small bathroom, which they will surely like. When properly combined on the basis of contrast principle, dark and light colours will give a really satisfying effect. In addition, the use of three-dimensional tiles will add variety to the entire decor. However, not only bright tiles with a glossy finish are worth reaching for. Wood-like tiles laid on the floor and in the shower area work just as well. Large-format tiles with a very thin, almost invisible joint are also ideal for the floor. A bathroom designed in this way will feel more spacious and will look incredibly trendy.

Other proven ways to visually enlarge the interior include choosing the right lighting, mirrors and accessories that match the design as well as compact, functional and simple furniture. The combination of all these elements guarantees a design success.