CMOK door frame

Adjustable door frame, designed to be installed on steel door frame, without the need to dismantle it beforehands. It allows the exchange of door leaves while maintaining their current dimensions. A distinctive feature of this door frame is a quick and easy installation possible owing to permanent fixture of two base elements. The door frame is fully made of woodbased material – MDF covered with Classen Primo, 3D and Iridium and CPL laminate.

A complete door frame is available in two adjustment ranges: 70-110 mm and 110-150 mm. Both ranges are available in a single package, which also contains gasket and assembly bag. For door leaves of dimension 100’ and reinforced door leaves, it is required to use a door frame with three hinges.


  • Classen Primo: Acacia ST, Natural Oak, Beech, Polish Oak, Walnut, White.
  • Classen 3D Look: Sonoma Oak, White Ash, Burnt Oak, Oiled Oak, Light Columbia Walnut, Riviera Oak, Grey Oak, Nordic Oak, Anthracite Oak, Catania Oak,
  • Classen Iridium: Snow Ash, Brown Ash, Graphite Ash, Wenge, Marone Oak.
  • Classen CPL: Italian Walnut, Acacia, Acacia light, Norwegian Ash, Kendal Oak, Grigio Oak.

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