Bord W3

BORD W3 internal entrance door meet the requirements of the RC2 anti-burglary protection class, provided that the door is installed with a dedicated steel door frame, handle with escutcheon and a set of cylinder locks fulfilling the second anti-burglary class.

Construction of a door leaf with thickness of 46 mm: peripheral frame made of softwood reinforced with special steel flat bar and a plywood. A perforated chipboard was used as a core. All is covered with wood-based board, veneered with Classen decors.


  • three anti-burglary three-way silver hinges
  • Multistrong multi-point strip lock
  • multipoint lock for cylinder lock (openings spacing 72 mm)
  • leaf thickness: 46 mm
  • door leaf available only with BORD W3 steel fixed door frame


  • other HPL decors available upon individual enquiries
  • decors not included in the standard offer are available with a rebate in brushed aluminum colour

Technical parameters


  • Single leaf


  • Reinforced structure of doors with thickness of 46 mm + steel flat bars
  • Three-way hinge
  • Multipoint lock
  • Plate with anti-burglary bolts

Door frames

  • W3 Bord steel fixed

Additional options


  • Door leaf and frames 100’


  • Steel threshold
  • Transition threshold
  • Peephole
  • Steel panel with a room number - one-sided

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