In many cases, it is the first glance that determines whether something makes an impression. This is exactly the case with the entrance to the house. The entrance, together with the surrounding area, is the real showcase of any household. Originality and creativity are advisable when it comes to the design of this part, so that we can create a delightful and practical front that demonstrates our good taste. How to organise the entrance to the house so that it pleases the eye for a long time and does not go out of fashion? Let us give you some hints!

  1. First impressions last
  2. How to decorate the entrance to the house? Opt for a consistent style
  3. Safe stairs and solid doors
  4. Accessories and practical lighting
  5. Plants – a solution that always works
  6. How to finish the entrance to the house in a particular style?

First impressions last

There is no denying that the first impression is crucial. It is no different for the entrance as well as the entire house, as it is an inseparable part thereof. The way we perceive this part of the house is influenced by many factors. So how to organise the entrance to the house?

Individual elements, such as the colour of the facade, the material and shade of the stairs as well as the door should be in the same style. We should ensure that the materials are of the highest quality. Exposure to harmful weather conditions will cause a poor quality finish to quickly lose its original lustre and deteriorate, thus defacing the entrance. All the rest will be complemented by accessories in the form of well-chosen lighting, plants and decoration in the form of ornaments that match the styling. In addition to the area closest to the entrance to the house, it is also worth taking care of the entire front yard. The path leading to the entrance door and the space surrounding it also affect how we perceive the host. We should make sure that all elements create a harmonious combination matching our taste.

How to decorate the entrance to the house? Opt for a consistent style

We shouldn’t be afraid to experiment when choosing the individual elements of the entrance. It is worth choosing at least one eye-catching detail that will become the focal point of the entire arrangement. The entrance door in a bold colour or a richly ornamented model is often the focal point, which the rest is matched to. A marble stairs or ornate balustrade will work just as well. It is also worth considering the design of an atmospheric porch with a pergola or, on the contrary, the one created from a combination of glass and metal. When thinking about a perfect entrance, we should focus first of all on making the design consistent in every aspect. Mixing several different design styles together will not work very well for the entrance to the house. A modern house requires avant-garde solutions, while a classic one – much more toned-down combinations.

Safe stairs and solid doors

When arranging the space in front of the entrance, we need to decide how to make the entrance to the house not only tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, but above all safe and durable. Properly selected stair covering will provide us with high comfort of use and will definitely make it much easier to clean them. The number of available materials that can be used for making the stairs is really huge and we are limited only by our budget. We can opt for ready-made wooden or metal stairs. If the stairs were part of a design and were built on the ground, we can choose between natural stone, such as marble or granite, ceramic tiles or extremely fashionable covering, imitating structural concrete. In the case of tiles, we should opt for frost-resistant materials with high abrasion resistance and low water absorption.

When it comes to doors, burglar-proof models are the best choice, as they will help us to keep unwanted guests away. The number of designs and models means that it will be easy to find the door that perfectly matches the style we choose. Wooden, metal, plastic, aluminium or even fibreglass. We should also pay attention to thermal insulation and acoustic parameters, especially if we live in a noisy neighbourhood. Doors are often the showcase of our home, so it’s worth choosing models that stand out from others. Unusual colour, interesting ornamentation or stunning milling. Glazing in the form of stained glass or milky white glass pane. We should choose door leaves so that they perfectly fit into the space in the immediate surroundings.

Accessories and practical lighting

Perfectly selected accessories in the form of ornaments and lighting will add character to any styling. How to decorate the entrance to the house by combining these two elements in the right way? Most attention should be paid to lighting due to its practical aspect, which affects our safety and that of our guests. Sources of light should be placed in the focal point of the entrance to the house as well as on both sides of the door. In this way, we can additionally highlight this part of the house. Many people also decide to illuminate the stairs and selected parts of the walls. If it is not possible to instal permanent lighting, it is worth going for various types of decorative lights. Solar lamps, light garlands or lanterns will perfectly highlight the character of our arrangement.

When it comes to accessories, we are limited only by our imagination. A practical doormat in front of the entrance will prove useful. A beautiful wreath or a welcome sign can be put on the door. Another good idea is to create flower arrangements in the form of flowerbeds. We can also decorate the front yard depending on the season. In autumn, we can go for pumpkin lanterns and heather, and in winter – light illuminations.

Plants – a solution that always works

Are you wondering about other ways of decorating the entrance to the house? Opt for plants! Decorating your front yard with plants is a tried-and-tested, versatile and timeless way to introduce a unique atmosphere to the space in front of the house. Abundantly blooming flowers, plants with luscious green leaves, or maybe slender and minimalist grasses. It is worth choosing pots or hanging flowerbeds that match the arrangement. We should select plants with diversity in mind, so that we can enjoy their beauty not only in the summer, but basically all year round. A small rockery with evergreen shrubs in front of the entrance will also work well. In pots placed in front of the door and on the stairs we can plant seasonal, annual plants whose colour matches the colour of the facade.

How to finish the entrance to the house in a particular style?

Style Description
ModernA modern house relies on sophisticated minimalism. Large-format tiles, simple doors with a metal finish, lighting in a cool shade. This style often features glass, so a good option would be to install a small canopy made of durable glass.
ClassicA classic style house is still the most popular option. Universal and timeless. All in light colours, accompanied by wooden or wood-like doors with decorative milling. As for the stairs – ceramic tiles or natural stone will be a good choice.
ElegantAn elegant entrance to the house is all about high-quality materials. Marble or granite on the stairs. Often houses in this style have columns at the front as an additional decorative element. Wide glazed doors in light wood tones or white will be ideal for the entrance.
RusticA rustic style house will be characterised by the presence of wooden elements, such as doors or stairs. It is also worth choosing those with ornate glazing in the form of stained glass. It is advisable to keep the facade white and cover selected parts with grey or red bricks.