Glazed doors are an exceptionally stylish decoration of any interior. However, sometimes the desire to gain a little privacy or the need to darken the glass pane poses the challenge of finding the right cover. If you are looking for an answer to the question of what to cover glass panes in interior doors with, our article will help you find a satisfying, aesthetically pleasing and practical solution.

What to cover glass panes in interior doors with?

As a matter of fact, there are lots of reasons forcing us to cover glass panes in interior doors. Too much light coming in from neighbouring rooms, the desire to gain a little privacy. On hot days, additional protection in the form of door darkening can help to slightly reduce the temperature inside. Tinted glass in the bedroom door is also an invaluable aid for parents of small children, who find it difficult to fall asleep in a room with even a small amount of light entering.

Sometimes, delighted with the visual effect of a glazed door, we decide to buy it. However, only after some time and longer period of use it turns out that this is not a good solution for us. Fortunately, we do not have to replace the entire door leaf, but only consider the purchase of a suitable cover in the form of a window film or blinds.

Window film – an effective solution for glazed doors

Wondering how to cover glass panels in your doors? All you need to do is apply window film on them. This is by far the most popular and easily accessible method of covering glass panes. Thanks to the fact that it can be applied both inside and outside, it gives us a great deal of room for manoeuvre, while providing privacy and security. The film performs its function perfectly in domestic interiors, public utility buildings, offices or shop windows. It lets light through while obscuring the image. The film can be applied in one piece on the whole surface of the glazing or on a small part of it. The possibility of cutting to size or creating fancy shapes can serve as an additional aesthetic value. Window film is available in many colour options: milky, matt, frosted, as well as coloured.

How to darken glass panes in interior doors?

If the use of a window film is not an option for us, it is worth considering the purchase of blinds. This way will allow us not to interfere with the surface of the glass pane. Attached to the door, just above the glass pane, it will provide us with protection from the light and prying eyes of neighbours or co-workers. Depending on our needs, we can roll them out to the full extent of their length, or only partially. The number of available designs and colours makes it easy to find a product to our taste and in a style matching the interior. We can choose among roller blinds or pleated blinds. Day and night blinds with exceptional decorative qualities are also extremely popular. The alternating arrangement of stripes of material – translucent mesh and darkening fabric – allows us to adjust the amount of light entering the interior. This solution is suitable for almost any décor, from classic and traditional interiors to those that are decidedly more modern or elegant. What’s more, blinds are available in many sizes, corresponding to the width of the interior and exterior doors.

Door leaves with glazing are an extremely tasteful, practical and elegant solution. In practice, however, it often turns out to be a totally wrong one. Covering the glass panes in interior doors is an extremely durable and effective way to enjoy some privacy as well as reduce the light inflow; moreover, it can be removed at any time.