The blooming flower buds, rays of the sun and spring air make us want to introduce a breath of fresh air into our space.  However, we do not necessarily have to immediately grab the brush and renovate the entire apartment. We can create a spring atmosphere with a few simple steps – we’ll give you some hints on how to do it!

Spring is primarily green and fresh plants. In order for it to stay in our home for good, it’s worth introducing floral elements not only on the windowsills, but also, for example, by choosing spring decors for our pillows, bedding, curtains or tablecloths.

I feel green!

If we want to quickly introduce a spring mood to our interior, it is worth focusing on fresh flowers in the first place. A bouquet of tulips on our table is enough to immediately feel a burst of fresh energy. When choosing plants, it is worth choosing those that we associate with spring, such as crocuses or snowdrops. Let your imagination run wild and create home arrangements with these bulbous plants using glassware and moss.

When composing bouquets, use natural materials and allow yourself a bit of nonchalance. Instead of using vases, try, for example, to arrange a bouquet in a bottle, jar or jug. Additionally, you can decorate them with a ribbon in pastel colours or with a simple jute string. Thanks to this, the space will take on a relaxed and fresh character. An interesting solution will also be a bouquet of hand-picked catkins and spring twigs. 

Home garden

Spring is the perfect time for fresh herbs to appear on our kitchen windowsill. In this way, we will gain not only a spring decoration, but also a healthy addition to our dishes. It’s also a great way to bring more ecology into your home and use up leftover vegetables. Instead of throwing away the onion after cutting the chives, put it in a pot, and you will always have a green addition to your breakfast at hand!

The herbs can be planted in special pots, which are covered with chalk paint – on such a surface you can easily write and mark which plant is in a given pot.  Another interesting solution are special labels and tags – you can buy them ready-made, but also make them yourself. They will certainly be a nice decorative addition to our home garden. It is also worth using recycling solutions and choosing, for example, metal cans, wooden boxes or old jars for pots. S

Fresh herbs and flowers are the perfect spring decor. The photo shows floors from the ONE NATURE ELITE collection.

Not only in a vase

We can introduce floristic elements not only thanks to fresh flowers and plants, but also with the help of textiles. Patterned curtains and pillows are the easiest way to quickly change the look. To such a composition, we can add, for example, a wreath of spring flowers, hung on the door or in our gallery wall.

Spring is associated primarily with various types of prints with a floral pattern, often enriched with graphics of birds or butterflies. However, if such patterns seem to be too strong an accent, you can choose, for example, checks or stripes in pastel shades. A checkered tablecloth in a mint colour will immediately evoke the atmosphere of a country cottage bathed in spring sun, especially if we add a bouquet of wildflowers in an enamel pot.

With the help of textiles, we can quickly change the arrangement of our interior.

When choosing a spring colour palette, use pastel shades, such as powder pink, mint or pistachio. Such colours will perfectly match bright interiors in natural tones, such as white, cream or grey. If, however, you want a more energetic arrangement, choose sunny yellow and juicy green