Until recently, we associated them mainly with not really tasteful columns and semicircular tops of entrances. Now, in a refreshed version, they return as one of the leading trends of the season. Ovals, curves and arches will work well in both extremely modern interiors, as well as those in the spirit of Scandinavian style.

Ovals, arches and curves return as one of the mainstream interior design trends

In 2021, roundings and ovals became a hit in the current interior design trends. The armchairs have gained even more streamlined shapes, which are worth combining with velvet and velor upholstery, as well as a warm, saturated colour. Fans of nature and minimalism can also choose wicker and metal seats. The tendency to round the lines can also be seen in smaller accessories. Small trinkets became streamlined, and home photo and painting galleries were enriched with characteristic round mirrors.

Porthole not only on the ship

A large round window may be an interesting solution for all fans of “roundness”. This solution will work especially in industrial-style houses. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford such extravagance. But does this mean that we have to give up the round shapes on our walls? Nothing could be further from the truth! If we are not able to afford a round window, we can opt for round glass in our door. Thanks to this, we can recreate the hampton-style interiors in our apartment or put on a very geometric, modernist decor. Such solutions are included, for example, in our Natura HR doors and Guard doors. 

A cozy relaxation area

Round shapes contribute to cosiness, so it is worth focusing on them, especially in the case of a rest area. Let a comfortable armchair become the center – depending on the style of our interior, it can be a modern piece of furniture in the style of Pierre Paulin’s designs or a comfortable wingback. A real hit, which is able to provide us with maximum relaxation, is a hanging armchair, where we can swing easily with a book in hand.

Ovals are also suitable for loft interiors. The photo shows the collection of LINE PREMIUM LOFT doors.

Round coffee tables will be a good addition to a relaxation area arranged in this way. Their added advantage is that they are usually very compact and easy to carry. Depending on the size and our own preferences, we can decide on a single table or on joining several smaller ones toghether – contrary to appearances, not necessarily from the same set.  If they are connected by a round shape, we can choose different models, thus adding a bit of eclecticism to our interior.

Spherical lamps

The perfect space to introduce sphericality is the lighting in our apartment. Regardless of what style we prefer, we are able to “round” our interior in this way.

Oval shapes work well in modern interiors.

For fans of industrial-style space, large decorative bulbs and lamps resembling those taken out from a photo studio will be the perfect solution. Glamor lovers can put on circular chandeliers, and those who appreciate natural design, on paper or fabric lampshades, almost imitating the moon or clouds.

Fashionable accessories

Due to the new trend, accessories have also become more streamlined. We can introduce round forms thanks to various types of vases and glass vessels, but also… pillows. Decorate your couch with a round cushion with central quilting or a particularly fashionable knot-like accessory to give your interior a more modern character.

You can introduce round shapes into your interior with a few fashionable accessories. The photo shows the collection of VIGON ALICE WHITE floors.

Ovals are especially eager to “settle in” in various types of pouffes and footrests. Depending on the nature of the interior, you can choose one made of yarn or plush and quilted. In the latter case, it is worth choosing strong colours, such as navy blue, bottle green, purple or ocher.

Round mirrors are also a real hit, very often hung on a string, chain or – in the boho style – decorated with grass and wicker. Such a mirror rosette woven into a gallery wall will not only add style to it, but also expand the space.