Saga Door Collection

Simplicity and elegance

Less is more. A delicate, aluminium application aligned with door surface results in a very elegant look.

Siding Pine Fronts

Natural and aesthetic

Wooden fronts bring a natural, coherent and attractive look to any arrangement.

Villa 4V Floor Collection

Modern and industrial

Authentic decors with a perceptible wood structure well match with a modern appartment in an industrial style.

Ancona Door Collection

Rustic and traditional

Nobility and simplicity of the Ancona door not only gives the interior unique atmophere, but also brings to your home original and chracteristic touch of the nature.

Kitchen New Line Peoria

Luxurious and neat

High quality glossy acrylic fronts introduce fresh and modern look into the kitchen. Coffee shade will make the smell of a morning coffee be present all day.

Garden 4V Floor Collection

Elegant and unique

Warm up your interior and allow yourself to be satisfied with aesthetic look for many years.

For almost five decades we have been creating products for your home


Floor for years. We present what a panel is made of.

What factors determine the durability of panels? What to take into consideration when choosing them?

Less is more – a uniform door with small applications

Simplicity. Perfection. Harmony. Such impressions are made by minimalism, which, thanks to its main principle of “less is more”, has successfully marked its place in the canon the most popular design trends of the 20th and 21st century.

The Polish version of the industrial interior

Raw interior, open space, tall rooms – this is a industrial flat in a big city style. Formerly created due to the need to adapt abandoned post-industrial buildings, today they are the evidence of prestige and luxury.

Color, snow-white, or maybe varnished-wooden kitchen?

Furniture with matt and satin finish is characterized by simplicity and elegance. In order to create a more attractive and eye-catching kitchen, it is worth choosing cabinets finished with acrylic coating.

SONO floors in harmony with nature

Once upon a time, in a land far away… unique floors were created. Environmentally friendly, durable and opening the horizon of infinite arrangement possibilities. Who created them?

Classen Group


  • Own know-how

    Own know-how

  • 300 decors in the offer

    300 decors in the offer

  • Over 500 000 doors a year

    Over 500 000 doors a year

  • Easy availability in every DIY store

    Easy availability in every DIY store

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