A collection in a dark oak decor, which has been designed with the aim to achieve practical and at the same time elegant interiors. Furniture can be freely planned in whole with dark oak fronts or in combination with upper cabinets in white gloss, which will significantly change its appearance. In open kitchens, it allows to create a harmonious whole with the living room, while in closed ones – stylish and functional space.

Technical parameters

Bottom cabinets fronts' finishing

  • Chipboard
    18 mm
  • Colour
    Dark Oak

Upper cabinets fronts' finishing to choose

  • Chipboard
    Dark Oak
  • MDF board, glossy foil 3D
    White gloss

Body Finishing

  • Laminated chipboard
    16 mm
  • Colour

Upper cabinets

  • Height
    30 / 40 / 60 / 80 cm

Bottom cabinets

  • Height of standard units
    82 cm
  • Height of tall units / fridge etc.
    143 / 200 / 220 cm
  • Depth
    48 / 58 cm

Available elements

Upper cabinets
Upper cabinets
Bottom cabinets - depth 48 cm
Bottom cabinets - depth 58 cm
High bottom cabinets - 60 cm depth
Additional elements

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