Miramar Bis

It is one of the four kitchens in the latest New Line group. The kitchen is characterized by high quality glossy acrylic fronts, also finished with an acrylic edge. Miramar presents the fronts in a snow white decor, which is most often the basis for almost all design variations in our homes.

Technical parameters

Front finishing

  • MDF board, acryl, gloss
    19 mm
  • Colour
    Snow white

Body finishing

  • White laminated chipboard
    16 mm
  • Colour

Upper cabinets

  • Height
    30 / 40 / 60 / 80 cm

Bottom cabinets

  • Height of standard units
    82 cm
  • Height of tall units / fridge etc.
    143 / 200 / 220 cm

Available elements

Upper cabinets
Bottom cabinets - 48 cm depth
High bottom cabinets - 60 cm depth
Additional elements

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