The furniture in the graphite concrete decor that cannot be passed by indifferently by anyone guarantee unconventional, slightly extravagant appearance. Thanks to this proposal, the kitchen will not only be a room for preparing meals but also a modern space for the home-dwellers. It will appeal to people looking for innovative solutions and wanting to create an original arrangement in their own four corners.

Technical parameters

Bottom cabinets fronts' finishing

  • Chipboard
    18 mm
  • Colour
    Graphite concrete

Upper cabinets fronts' finishing to choose

  • Chipboard
    Graphite concrete
  • MDF board, glossy foil 3D
    White gloss

Body Finishing

  • Laminated chipboard
    16 mm
  • Colour

Upper cabinets

  • Height
    30 / 40 / 60 / 80 cm

Bottom cabinets

  • Height of standard units
    82 cm
  • Height of tall units / fridge etc.
    143 / 200 / 220 cm
  • Depth
    48 / 58 cm

Available elements

Upper cabinets
Upper cabinets
Bottom cabinets - depth 48 cm
Bottom cabinets - depth 58 cm
Bottom cabinets - depth 60 cm
Additional elements

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