A proposal based on the contrast, combinig two timeless colours. The bottom cabinets, kept in a deep black colour one can compose with white upper cabinets receiving an attractive look of the kitchen. Acrylic finishing creates a delicate mirror effect on the surface of the fronts, thanks to what the whole collection is designed for modern interiorrs. Apart from aesthetics advanteges, this kitchen is very functional. The cabinets are easy to wash and very capacious. The comfort of using is provided by solid drawers with a smooth opening and silent closing system, and handy handles.

Technical parameters

Front finishing of bottom cabinets

  • MDF board, acryl, gloss
    19 mm
  • Colour
    Czarny połysk

Finishing of upper fronts to choose

  • MDF board, acryl, gloss
    19 mm
  • Colour
    Czarny połysk / biały połysk

Body finishing

  • Laminated chipboard
    16 mm
  • Colour

Upper fronts

  • Height
    30 / 40 / 60 / 80 cm

Bottom cabinets

  • Height of standard units
    82 cm
  • Height of tall units / fridge etc.
    143 / 200 / 220 cm
  • Depth
    48 / 58 cm

Available elements

Upper cabinets
Upper cabinets
Bottom cabinets - depth 48 cm
Bottom cabinets - depth 58 cm
Szafki stojące wysokie - głębokość 60 cm
Elementy dodatkowe

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