Sophisticated interiors are associated with exclusivity and glaze, and as a consequence, with high costs. Reality, however, shows that arrangement possibilities have no limits, and the ingenuity and initiative are more important than budget. We have decided to refute some myths and we are giving some hints on how to create a stylish apartment design without spending a fortune on it.


The interior’s elegance is often erroneously linked with high financial resources, and yet this is not the rule. When browsing social networking platforms and DIY services, one can see for oneself that there are numerous ways to give the interior a sense of elegance and not each of them requires robbing a bank. Moderation, interesting additions, more economical, yet still good quality materials allow one to create an arrangement as if it was a luxurious residence. Even if we talk about a typical old housing estate’s apartment. It’s worth remembering that there is potential in every place. You just need to bring it out.


Tip no. 1: Open space as a basis


Stylish apartments are distinguished by large area, but also in smaller apartments it is possible to create a feeling of spaciousness. This effect is best achieved in sunny flats, with large windows and a small number of separate rooms. Demolition of a partition wall and combining two rooms into one automatically increases the arrangement possibilities. Replacing traditional doors with sliding ones allows to keep the open space, and if necessary to temporarily separate various functional zones. This solution guarantees freedom and convenience for home-dwellers.


Tip no. 2: Moderate colours


Elegant interiors do not like a kaleidoscope of colours, especially contrasting ones. Their decor is dominated by subdued and subtle colours. The main ones are classic beiges, warm shades of white, dark browns, including the fashionable taupe. Sometimes, navy-blue and sky-blue in mild tones appear. The decorations, on the other hand, are of colours of precious metals: gold, copper, silver or platinum.


Tip no. 3: An important role of additions


When decorating the interior, it is crucial to maintain restraint in the amount of decorations and the selection of additions with a special sentimental value. Unique trip souvenirs or inherited items will surely do the job. The arrangement will be embellished by paintings maintained in a single leitmotif, hand-painted ceramics or an elegant porcelain set behind a glass dresser. Displaying only the most unique things on the one hand will add a touch of individualism to the interior, and on the other – prevent overload or even chaos.


Tip no. 4: Stylish, affordable materials


When we think about luxurious apartments, what often comes to our mind is leather lounge suites. Instead of deciding on leather, however, it is worth choosing a material that is more economical and easier to maintain. It can be, for example, velvet – delicate and soft to the touch. The glamour  effect will be ensured by quilted sofas, armchairs and chaise lounges. Furniture with small legs, whose design thanks to this element seems lighter, will also look very good.


Tip no. 5: Natural decors instead of real wood


Impressive furniture is often made of solid, exotic wood. A functional and good-looking alternative for them are cabinets and dressers made of MDF or HDF, finished with varnish, acrylic or veneer. Their choice allows to reduce costs, without, however, eliminating aesthetic values. The same is true for floors – instead of a wooden parquet, it is worth choosing panels with synchronous structure (having an irregular surface and clearly noticeable wood grains) and milled on all four sides. This type of boards looks very natural.


Taking into consideration the fashion for open spaces, we are gradually expanding the Classen offer with products emphasizing the spaciousness of interiors. As an example, we can mention our latest Elite 4V collection, characterized by planks with width larger than standard ones. The name does not mean that the panels are available only to elites, but refers to their exclusive character. These planks combine the properties desired by customers: excellent durability, which is ensured by the high AC5 abrasion class and natural look, obtained thanks to the V-groove and synchronous structure.