Blue is commonly associated with a colour that is soothing and enhances being focused. Therefore, it is often used in office spaces. And how to introduce blue into home interiors to avoid boredom?

Blue allows for wide use in arrangements – from blue to navy blue

Blue is a very graceful colour to match with other colours, and its wide palette of shades allows it to match various types of interiors. The blue goes well with the light natural structure of the wood, and the darker shades harmonize with the colours of the grey tones or darker colours such as oak or cherry. Depending on our needs, we can use blue colours to create both an oasis of peace and a very energetic interior. 

Turquoise elements are a great solution for extroverts who like intense colours. The photo shows the KOFANO door collection.

Sleep peacefully in blue

Subdued blue with a drop of grey is the perfect choice for a relaxing bedroom. Such shades will not only help to calm down and relax, but also allow you to quickly change the interior of the room with a few accessories.

The blue in the bedroom brings peace and relaxation. The photo shows the COMPACT door collection.

Decorations in shades of white and natural materials such as whitewashed wood, rattan and wicker are a good choice. In this way, we will create a seaside-style bedroom that will make us feel like on vacation. If, on the other hand, we combine blues with powder pink and muted purple, we will create a space in the style of a female boudoir. It is worth adding candles and bouquets of flowers to such a set.

Navy blue in the kitchen and living room

Navy blue is the perfect solution for all fans of subdued, elegant interiors. We can introduce it to the interior by painting one of the walls an intense shade – for example the one that will be the background for our gallery wall. In such a combination, navy blue or indigo will go well not only with black and white graphics, but also, for example, with gold-coloured frames.

If, however, we are not convinced of dark walls, we can introduce navy blue into the interior by choosing a sofa, armchair or chairs in this colour. It is the perfect colour for expressive fleshy textures, such as velour, velvet or plush.

Shades of navy blue are a proposal for people who appreciate the classics.

Navy blue is an interesting solution also… for kitchen furniture. Fronts in this colour will give our kitchen a sublime and timeless character. Additional elegance will be added by elements in copper colours. We can, for example, choose handles made of this material or choose designer kitchen appliances with its addition. 

Like at the French Riviera

Contrary to appearances, blue can also be liked by those who choose a more energetic and expressive decor. It is enough to reach for more saturated shades, such as turquoise or azure. With such an intense colour, it is worth focusing on one characteristic element that will play the “first fiddle”. It can be, for example, an armchair, a cupboard, chairs in the dining room or a headboard in a bedroom. Walls in this colour will be an interesting proposition for the more courageous. Then, however, it is worth ensuring that the rest of the decor is rather subdued – e.g. in shades of white and grey.