It would seem that there are more opposites here than there are opportunities to create a harmonious combination. Nothing could be further from the truth! Nonchalant boho in bright, minimalist interiors in the Scandinavian style has a chance to resonate with a whole range of colours, motifs and textures. Restrained Scandi, toning down the screaming boho hotch-potch, gains warmth, character and fantasy with it.

The Scandinavian style, originating from the harsh north, has settled here for good. One of the reasons it has many fans is because it is well suited to any other style. It does not have to leave the stage when we want to let the spirit of artistic bohemia, hippie slack or the distant Orient into our interior. All these can work together surprisingly in a perfect way.

A door that fits into a Scandinavian arrangement is a proven way to create a beautiful interior.

Scandi soft accompaniment

When arranging the interior in the Scandinavian style, we reach for a palette of neutral colours – white, beige and grey play the first fiddle here. The light colours of the walls help to light up the room. A good way to enhance this effect is to choose equally light floors and doors, which will optically enlarge the space and add lightness to it.

Scandinavian style is the art of functional simplicity and noble minimalism – when we get bored with the economy of form, we have a great background for interior design experiments. All we need to do is hang a dream catcher made of beads, ribbons and feathers on the door (e.g. from the Saga collection), put a patchwork rug on the floor that nicely reflects the wood pattern (e.g. Elite 4V Caserta Oak) and our flat will have a completely new theme.

Boho total improvisation

Colorful accessories and ethno-style elements will enliven the space, creating a cozy atmosphere.

Regardless of whether we look for the sources of the boho style in the Parisian bohemian environment or in the crazy 60s and 70s, the assumption is the same – unrestricted creative freedom. Boho draws on many cultures and styles, reaches for ethnic and folk motifs, plays with form, colour and texture. However, eclecticism in the interior can be dangerous, as it can create an impression of chaos.

Skilfully combining boho with Scandinavian style is a good way to find a method in this madness and save household members and guests from colourful dizziness. Patterned floral wallpaper will create a harmonious ensemble with smooth furniture fronts, and batik curtains or knitted cushions-seats contrasting with the light walls and floor will be a real hit in the living room.

A strong accord of ecology

The Scandinavian and boho styles echo concern for the environment and a shift towards nature. Scandi focuses on natural colours and materials, such as stone or wood. Boho with its fusion aesthetics appreciates craftsmanship and gives a second life to old objects, in line with the 3R principle: reduce, reuse, recycle. A table made of reclaimed demolition wood, a wicker armchair, or maybe a grandma’s bed cover? They will match perfectly to Scandinavian minimalism that is inspired by nature.