An island intuitively evokes associations with trips to tropical countries. In the kitchen, on the other hand, it is a practical element that increases the space for preparing meals. And that’s just one of its advantages.  It is perfect for spacious interiors, but there will be a place for it in smaller apartments as well. Classen’s specialists suggest how to choose the best one.


The free-standing, low piece of furniture, commonly known as an island, is an elegant way to create a coherent and practical kitchen arrangement.  It is perfect for spacious rooms, where you can easily find a place for this additional segment. In Polish apartments and houses, it is a relatively new solution, but thanks to its attractiveness, it is gaining wider and wider group of supporters. The island most often appears in the interiors that connect the kitchen with the living room, becoming an integrating element, and at the same time functionally separating the two rooms.


– An island is often a centre of domestic life. We use it to prepare meals, spend time together with family and friends. Sometimes we work at it or help children with their homework. In such situations, islands with an extended top that replace a traditional table are a perfect solution. We can put e.g. hockers near them, which will ensure the comfort of sitting, and at the same time – thanks to the possibility of sliding the chairs under the top – it will not take up additional space – says Sabina Pigan, the designer of Classen’s kitchens.


An island can consist only of a worktop, but it is worth installing drawers or shelves inside it, which will be a good place to store tableware, pots and all kinds of kitchen accessories. It can also be equipped with an induction hob, sink or small household appliances. However, it should be remembered that the more multi-functional an island is, the more space it occupies. The above is followed by the necessity to connect the installations (gas, electric and water) and install a hood above the cooker.


This type of furniture is not suitable for every apartment. It requires open space, which is not ensured by small, closed kitchens. During planning, the distance between the island and the rest of the furniture must be taken into account. The minimum width allowing free movement in the kitchen should be 80 cm. If the interior has too small dimensions, it is better to give up an island, whose presence would contribute to the creation of a tight, non-functional room.


– When buying a kitchen island, it is worth paying attention to its construction. A practical solution is to replace traditional grips with milling. The smooth surface without protruding elements is easy to clean and at the same time fits into the trend of minimalism. Above all, let’s make sure that selected furniture allows creating a comfortable space for users, it should encourage family members to use it – advises Sabina Pigan.


Classen’s offer includes many kitchen sets with an island. Arvada New, Austin, and Juliet collections will appeal to fans of timeless white. In classic interiors, it is a good idea to use furniture with a wood-like decor, for example from the Rockford or Kent series. For the bold ones, we recommend the following sets: Dark – in the colour of brown concrete as well as Akryl – in the colour of deep, glossy black.