It is said that life is the art of choice. This applies to different fields and home is no exception. In interior design, however, it is not enough to decide what wallpaper or cabinet to buy. It is important so that all equipment elements match each other well. We advise on how to choose doors, floors and kitchen furniture to form a coherent whole.


When browsing through design inspirations in the press, the Internet and social media, we can assess which style we like the most and try to recreate it in our own apartment. Sometimes it is a challenge, because the choice of products on the market is huge and it is difficult to decide on specific solutions. When there are questions and doubts, it is worth remembering a few universal principles that are a guide to decorating in a nutshell.

Arrangement style: focus on cohesion


It is a good idea to start interior furnishing and decorating from choosing a specific style that sets a symbolic framework for our next arrangement decisions. Deciding on one theme, we will gain consistency and harmony. At the same time, it will be much easier for us to choose individual pieces of equipment, so that they match together perfectly. A timeless classic, artistic boho, modern minimalism – there are many possibilities and each one suits different expectations. It is worth remembering that a homogeneous style does not mean boredom. On the contrary, it guarantees aesthetic order, allowing you to display the advantages of the apartment.  A good example is the combination of Classic doors, Arvada kitchen furniture and Classen Adventure (Hamilton Oak) panels that combine traditional character and simplicity.

Colours: choose monochrome, related or complementary colours


The colours of the interiors shape their atmosphere and at the same time affect the well-being of the home-dwellers. When choosing finishing materials and equipment, we can decide on one colour or its different shades. Another option is the choice of related colours, e.g. pink and purple or yellow and green. An interesting solution will be a combination of complementary colours that work on the principle of opposites. These can be, for example, blue and orange or graphite and white, as is the case with Lukka doors and Flint kitchen. Some contrasts are very bold, while others maintain a subdued form – thanks to this, they will be a good choice for both avant-garde decorations as well as the classic ones.

Materials: ensure comfortable “temperature” of the interior


In home arrangements, a wide range of materials is used, including wood, concrete, stones, brick, glass, noble metals. Steel, copper as well as cast iron have recently gained great popularity. They are perfect for modern and industrial interiors. In order to alleviate the harsh, ascetic character of the decor and give it more coziness, it is worth combining materials that visually are cold with those that are considered optically warm. For instance, this is the case when combining concrete and wood. It should be added that they do not have to be natural raw materials, but products that reflect their appearance. Example: Tetyda doors in a wood-like décor of Grigio Oak and Classen Visiogrande Infinity Arktis floors that resemble stone tiles. Together they create an aesthetically pleasant whole.

Textures and finishing: don’t be afraid of contrasts


Smooth and uneven, shiny and matt, with uniform colour and multi-shade – reaching for diverse surfaces, we build eye-catching combinations. Thanks to such solutions, the decor breaks with mediocrity and monotony, gaining an attractive character. At the same time, the balance is preserved; none of the elements overwhelms the others. In addition, each texture reflects the light in a different way, which gives an interesting effect of illuminating the space. An accurate combination of different finishes is illustrated by the example of Leda door leaf in a wood-like pattern juxtaposed with Classen Galaxy 4V panels with a wood structure and Peoria acrylic kitchen with gloss.

– Classen’s offer includes doors, floors, skirting boards, kitchen furniture and finishing accessories. Designing them, we try to take into account the latest trends, but also to look ahead. By creating diverse products, we want them to meet the tastes of many customers. Therefore, in our offer you can find articles with different finishes, structures, patterns and technical parameters. Available collections give you the opportunity to create thousands of combinations, thanks to which everyone will find a perfect match for one’s home – says Michał Białas, head of advertising department, Classen.