Sometimes it happens to be a hideout, sometimes it transforms into a home SPA and sometimes it becomes a battlefield for pillow fight. A bedroom has many faces, but without a doubt it is the best place to regenerate after an exhausting day. What design will make us feel cosy and comfortable in it?

A bedroom – unlike a living room or kitchen – does not constitute a representative part of an apartment. This room is reserved for household members, it is secluded and intimate. However, its design should not be neglected, because it has a significant impact on the well-being of people using this space. Thanks to it, evenings and mornings can become even more enjoyable, even in autumn and winter.

Various styles of arrangements will do the job here, including Provencal, classic and rustic. Regardless of which one we choose, it is worth taking care primarily of the atmosphere in the room. It is important that it enhances relaxation and tranquillity. Therefore, we say no to everything that is flashy, tacky or variegated.


Colourful dreams

The bedroom colours can be very diverse. If the room surface is small, it is worth choosing bright colours such as: white, beige or ivory. Pastels, such as powder pink, lavender, peach, mint, pistachio and blue will also be the right choice. Gentle, non-bright shades will allow to keep harmony in the interior and will bring peace, thus fostering relaxation.

There is also an alternative solution, namely dark colours that will emphasize the intimate character of the bedroom. Navy blue, deep graphite, noble burgundy or emerald green are quite bold proposals, but they ensure a unique effect. They fit into the latest arrangement trends, so they will be a treat for people who are keen on fashion. They will do the job especially in the case of spacious bedrooms, but in combination with lighter accents, you can easily introduce them in smaller rooms.



Comfort from the beginning

The door plays an important role in the bedroom decor. It is thanks to them that the room retains an intimate, intimate character. The ideal situation is when they have a perforated chipboard filling, which guarantees good sound attenuation (e.g. in the Andromeda collection). The full door leaves (e.g. from the Venis line) enable better acoustic insulation, which simultaneously limit the access of light to the interior. They darken the room, which for some people is a necessary element for a good night’s sleep. An alternative proposal is a door with glazing, whose lightweight construction ensures comfortable use. The right choice will be models with opaque glass – satin or milk (e.g. in the Malaga series).

Laminate panels with a synchronous structure will fit perfectly in a bedroom.  Their decors resemble the look of real wood, emphasizing the woodgrain pattern. The natural effect is enhanced by the four-sided V-groove, which is formed by the milled edges of the boards. This property is characteristic for a large part of the collection available in our offer. Walking on the panels is comfortable and also quiet. One does not have to worry that the other home-dwellers will be woken up by the sounds of the creaking floor.


Soft and comfortable

A bed is the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom. It can guarantee a peaceful, soothing sleep, provided that it is properly selected in accordance with the preferences of the users. In combination with soft, fresh bedding it can act as a magnet, encouraging relaxation. It looks even more attractive, when it is decorated with pillows and bedspread, which give the whole room warmth and cosiness. For this purpose, cotton blinds or Roman blinds, long-pile rug as well as frames with pictures or photos of household members can be used.

Light also plays an important role. Lanterns, bedside lamps, wall lamps, standing and hanging lamps, candles – any type of lighting can be successfully used in the bedroom. In addition to the obvious practical functions, it is often an ornament. This is the case with girland cotton balls, being extremely popular for several seasons now, which introduce a romantic atmosphere into the interior. When choosing a bulb for the main lighting, it is worth selecting warm light, similar in colour to the daylight. Its intensity can be regulated with a use of dimmers, which today are no longer just an unnecessary gadget, but a useful device having an impact, among others, on savings regarding electricity.

A well-known Polish proverb says: “your good night’s sleep depends on how you have made your bed”. Such is the case with interior decoration. A cosy bedroom decor, tailored to the individual needs of the home-dwellers is the basis for a valuable rest and well-being.