Furniture with matt and satin finish is characterized by simplicity and elegance. In order to create a more attractive and eye-catching kitchen, it is worth choosing cabinets finished with acrylic coating. The fronts beautifully reflecting both natural and artificial light will particularly suit small spaces. Below we present some advantages of acrylic furniture.


“The contemporary trend of a kitchen combined with a living room creates unlimited possibilities. By choosing this solution, the kitchen becomes the heart of the home and plays a representative function. When looking for the kitchen furniture, we should be guided not only by their functionality, but also the aesthetics of finishing. Tasteful, yet modern and consistent with the guidelines of the industrial design appearance is ensured by the cabinets with acrylic fronts. Owing to them, the cabinets look perfectly in practically any environment” – say Sabina Pigan, designer and head of the Classen furniture project.

Furniture with glossy acrylic coating is also a good idea when the kitchen space is small. The rays of natural or artificial light, reflecting from their surface make the uniform decorations gain depth, and the room becomes optically enlarged, and we get the effect of spacious kitchen. Some additional advantages are brought by their usable assets – they are easy to clean thanks to the smooth surface, moreover, they are resistant to fading, which causes that they retain their natural glow for a longer time.

We offer a wide range of kitchen furniture collections, finished both with glossy acrylic coating as well as wood structure. When asking ourselves a question: “Color, snow-white, or maybe varnished-wooden kitchen?”, the choice is primarily determined by the individual needs and preferences of the customer. It is important how much space we want to provide for the kitchen area, what should be exposed and what we want to hide.

Takoma collection in the ice coffee shade ideally suits a modern kitchen, is full of charm and creates a harmonious environment for creative culinary travels. Anthracite fronts of the Flint set will create a mood full of passion, inspiring for customizing our kitchen. Ideal for people striving for continuous development and change. Cabinets from Peoria line with vanilla shade emphasize the subtlety of the interior.

Kitchens in timeless white are simply classics at its best. Thanks to them, we can successfully create a place to spend time together with our closest family and friends. Miramar and Miramar Bis in a snow-white shade is a basis, which allows to show our individuality in the favourite room of our house or apartment.

Clio Milk is a collection combining gloss with synchronous board, which perfectly reproduces the texture of veneer. Dark Walnut contrasts beautifully with snow white, creating a unique visual effect. When designing your own kitchen, you can combine  Miramar acrylic cabinets with Polish Oak cabinets, i.e. Salem collection.

Our kitchens include dozens of variants of cabinets to choose from. Among them there are items for building in household appliances (e.g. oven, microwave oven, refrigerator) and other equipment, such as an exhaust hood or sink. For each set, complementary parts can be selected additionally – masking panels (bottom, top, side) as well as plinths.