Jungle interior

Urban jungle is a trend that combines nature, exoticism and energy, and live plants play a leading role in it. Do you like this style, but you don’t have a green thumb? No worries. We will give you some hints how to create a home jungle without necessarily turning into a self-taught plant grower.

We associate the urban jungle style with lots of exotic greenery. But we should remember, however, that there are more ways to give your interior a tropical look and you don’t have to reach for dozens of plant species right away, the various care requirements of which can overwhelm you. Start by applying only urban jungle themes and bring flowers into the space gradually.

A strong accent.

Firstly, choose an expressive decoration, e.g. in the form of patterned wallpaper. It is best to decorate one wall with it, keeping the others in a subdued version. The space behind the head of the bed or the central wall in the living room will be a good option. To be honest, the choice of pattern depends only on your fantasy. You can think for example of a monstera or palm leaf motif. If you are a zen style lover, a bamboo print can be an interesting solution. We assure you that this way the interior will gain a completely new appearance.

Fill the house with green.

The ubiquitous green colour is, of course, the essence of the urban jungle style. So, if you dream of turning your home into a plant oasis, try adding furniture and accessories in this shade. Depending on whether you like more neutral or expressive interiors, you can choose bottle green or olive, and even pistachio or celadon. Canary yellow, navy blue and intense red, reminiscent of tropical parrot feathers, also go well with this style. In the details, focus on dirty gold and, of course, the classics, i.e. black.

Choose natural materials.

Patterned pictures and wallpapers liven up the look of the walls. The photo shows Trend 4V Oak Mamry (left) and Vision 4V Athabasca Oak (right).

And what materials take into account when choosing other furniture? Obviously, the urban jungle style will go very well with exotic wood, such as mahogany. It also goes well with rattan and wicker. Wooden decor should be also present on the floor – we recommend using panels with a synchronous structure, e.g. from the Impression 4V collection. Their significant advantage is water resistance, thanks to which, in the case of a leaky pot, the floor will not get damaged for up to 24 hours.

Little change, big effect.

Smaller decorations are also perfect for the interior. Plant patterns can be placed on pillows, tiles, a carpet or a vase On the wall, you can hang a gallery with photos and paintings referring to the urban jungle style. Such a gallery is very easy to create. It is enough to frame photos of plants or hide… their leaves under glass. Macramas (that you can buy or make yourself) are a hit among the accessories. Elements referring to African art will also be a good complement.

The power of plants.

The arrangement should be complemented by live plants. First, we recommend choosing plants that are easy to care for, such as cacti and tangles. The former ones can be placed on the windowsill and the coffee table, the latter ones should be placed in small glass balls and hung under the ceiling – this will create a very interesting decoration. In time, reach for other species, such as dracaena, ficus or ferns. Get inspired by our selection of flowers which are worth having at home. Thanks to this approach, before you know it, your home will turn into an exotic jungle that you can easily control.

Plants should be placed in various places – on the floor, on furniture or under the ceiling. The photo shows the panels Expedition 4V Titicaca Oak (left) and Impression 4V Bassano Oak (right).