At the root of the Hampton style lies the décor of the summer homes of well-to-do New Yorkers who are particularly fond of the popular resorts of the same name – The Hamptons. Wealthy Americans were looking for contact with nature and relaxation here, but at the same time did not want to give up luxury. Currently, however, it is no longer a style reserved only for Long Island regulars – it will be loved by everyone who appreciates chic and elegance combined with a bit of holiday slack.

The Hampton style is a refined combination of nature and elegance, reminiscent of seaside villas

Thus, nothing stands in the way of being inspired by the Hampton style every day – after all, who would not want to live in an elegant villa right by the Atlantic Ocean all year round. However, we have to bear in mind that this is a style in which space is one of the key factors. Therefore, it is a great solution for suites, spacious flats in tenement houses and detached houses.

Elegance married to comfort

Due to its holiday inspirations, the Hampton style focuses largely on comfort and freedom. However, at the same time it does not give up a bit of style and extravagance. Hence, it is not strange that arrangements combining patinated wooden furniture with sumptuous chandeliers appear there. However, high-quality furniture and materials are the most important – simple but stylish.

The centre of the Hampton-style lounge will be formed by a soft, comfortable couch, often complete with armchairs. It is worth choosing a sofa with a light upholstery, which can then be enlivened with soft textiles. A coffee table will be a good complement, preferably in warm shades of aged wood.

One of the hallmarks of the Hampton style is light furniture and wooden floors. The photo shows CLASSEN Sono Pro panel collection.

White milled furniture will add elegance to seaside interiors – chests of drawers, dressing tables, small tables on which you can place a vase with fresh flowers. If we want to stick to the original versions of the Hampton style, then the accessories to our interior should include a Swedish clock called Mora, which the Hamptons regulars had a weak spot for.

Wood, blue and white

The Hampton style likes subdued, slightly whitened colours. So white, beige and blue reign here – the colours associated with the beach and the sun-lit ocean. Small accents in this style look great when they are blue and turquoise.

Seaside villas mean of course also the ubiquitous wood. Especially planks that seem to be washed out by the sea and whitened by the sun. Darker shades of aged oak or walnut are also popular. You can achieve this “faded planks” effect by choosing, for example, Niasa Oak or Wigry Oak floors from our Expedition 4V collection. Fans of darker tones can choose, for example, Adventure 4V panels in the Philadelphia Oak shade, Lincoln Oak from the Freedom 4V WRcollection or Impression 4V Alicante Oak.

Wood in this style is present not only among furniture and floors, but also on walls and even… ceilings. So if we are the happy owners of a flat or a house with wooden construction elements – we absolutely should not cover them! On the contrary, in arrangements in the spirit of Hampton, it is worth treating them as a unique decoration that definitely needs to be displayed. 

Details full of chic

You can make your flat look like an elegant villa, taking care not only of the decor itself, but also of small details that together create the effect of luxury and spaciousness. A simple method is, for example, reaching for stucco, which will give our interior a bit of a palace character.

The combination of white and navy blue is a proven duo in the Hampton style.
The photo shows CLASSEN Mystery 4V panels.

Similarly, it is also worth paying attention to skirting boards and door frames. Elegant white skirtings and milled doors will perfectly match grey-blue or navy blue walls. Such a combination of colours will additionally emphasize the seaside nature of our arrangements. For the Hampton style, you can choose such CLASSEN proposals as, for example, PURE skirtings  and Venis, Morano or Antica doors.

White skirting boards are a simple way to add delicacy and style to an interior.
The photo shows CLASSEN Pure skirtings

Sea impact

Due to its coastal “roots”, the Hampton style in decorations often uses marine accessories. However, it does it subtly and with taste, preferring delicate prints and sophisticated materials over a fishing net or mermaid figurines.

The easiest way to introduce a nautical chic into an interior is by using textiles – the more that numerous pillows are a “must-have” in arranging a relaxation area in this style. Therefore, decorative pillowcases in white and blue stripes or those with corals, hooks, steering wheel or wind rose prints will hit the bull’s eye. A Moroccan clover in a classic navy blue will also do the job. When doing the above, try to choose natural materials such as linen, cotton and calico.

The Hampton style is perfect for large rooms with tall windows and wide doors.

The seaside atmosphere will also be emphasized by small shell decorations, wicker, rattan or sea grass baskets, as well as candles and lanterns that will light up and warm the interior on cool evenings. Various types of accessories made of a jute rope can be used as simple and inexpensive decorations. You can, for example, make jute rope placemats yourself – just roll it into a circle and connect it with hot glue.