Every year, the Pantone Institute chooses a colour that will take the forefront not only in fashion, but in interiors as well.  This time, the experts selected the grey (Ultimate Grey) and yellow (Illuminating Yellow) colours. We advise on how to use them in interiors.

Grey and yellow as Pantone’s 2021 Colors of the Year

This year’s choice of Pantone was largely dictated by the current pandemic situation. The grey in this combination is to symbolize stability and peace, while the yellow one – a breath of optimism, energy and joy of life. According to the Institute’s experts, the combination of these two colours is to bring us hope for a better future.

Illuminating yellow will be perfect for accessories that brighten the interior

Grey base

Ultimate Grey is the perfect base colour for play with other colour. It will look good both as the colour of walls and, for example, floors or kitchen fronts. It will fit perfectly into industrial-style interiors, because it allows the concrete to be freely introduced.  This year’s Pantone selection fits perfectly into the current trends, because grey has been present in our interiors for several years.

Grey is a colour that, when properly selected, will work in virtually all rooms.  In the living room, it can appear both on the walls and, for example, on the upholstery of sofas and armchairs. It is also a good basis for decorating the kitchen and bathroom – the grey colour will be not only fashionable in this case, but also very practical.

When choosing Ultimate Grey in interiors, it is worth remembering to enliven it with accessories in other colours. Fortunately, grey is so neutral in this respect that we can practically choose any accessories for it.

Classen Linea Premium door.

Luminous yellow

Illuminating Yellow can be loosely understood as luminous yellow. Thanks to it, you can easily bring positive energy and joy into the interior. However, it is worth remembering that yellow in interiors is a very demanding colour, which is better to use in a subdued way so as not to overwhelm the entire interior with it.

Therefore, yellow is best used in various types of accessories. Bolder people can choose a sofa in this colour, for those more conservative decorative pillows in this colour can be a good solution. Yellow can also be introduced using graphics on the walls or ceramics. In a grey kitchen, a basket of juicy lemons can become an ideal decoration, and a toned-down bathroom is worth being enlivened with yellow towels.

We can also think about even more unusual solutions, creating colourful mosaics on the walls using yellow, or, for example, choosing… doors in this colour.

The door can be an interesting accent in an intense colour. Classen door – Grafen

Quite a duo

When used together, both Pantone colours are the perfect way to create a subdued interior with a drop of intense colour. People who value minimalism will especially like this combination – with such an intense combination, it is definitely “less is more“.