For several seasons, the Scandinavian style has been leading the way in the interior arrangements. Minimalism, subdued colours and simplicity prepossess with their universality, but they are not for everyone. People with exuberant nature and hot temper expect more freedom and colour. Boho style addresses all these needs – there is no room for boredom and common patterns there.

The name of boho style was taken from the French word “la bohème”, meaning “bohemia”. The aforementioned bohemia – painters, writers, poets, musicians, actors – propagated a completely different approach to life at the end of the French Revolution – free from conventions and based on unrestricted creativity. Freedom also quickly penetrated into the world of interior design, creating a style that would emphasize the individuality of the householder.


Bold combinations and spectacle of colours 

In the boho arrangement, creativity is what matters the most. Let us be carried away by imagination, let our imagination run wild and let us reach for solutions that best reflect our personality. Let’s not be afraid of controversial combinations – seemingly mismatched patterns and colours can create a very original whole. Let’s go boldly for designs from various parts of the world, for example for the Indian mandala or Moroccan clover.

In the interior there can be a wallpaper with a flowery motif, a sofa with colorful stripes as well as a carpet with a paisley pattern.  Patchwork fabrics, tassels and macabre decorations are also welcome. The colours should be maintained in a cheerful tone – let intense, eye-catching shades dominate. The more colours and oriental accents, the more interesting the decor becomes.


Convenience in the first place

The boho decor is oriented towards a sense of comfort, which is why the furniture is meant to be used for relaxing. Floor cushions, couches and poufs are just perfect. A hanging, woven armchair or hammock is something that should not be absent. Multi-colored carpets, blankets, pillows, bedspreads, curtains and tablecloths will be an ideal complement. A canopy bed and paper lanterns will look beautifully in a bedroom.

Boho style likes ecology, that’s why cabinets and tables should be made of wood. Suspended plants in wicker or rattan baskets will be a natural decoration of the interior. On the floor you can put, for example, boards from the Tradition or Expert 4V collection, which thanks to the synchronous structure and the V-groove are very similar to real wood. If, on the other hand, we want the floor to be distinguished by an oriental motif, Loft Cerama line will turn out to be a perfect choice.